Saturday, July 2, 2011

Cindy Sheehan defends Qaddafi

Cindy Sheehan has posted via Facebook video (entitled "HUGE PRO-GADDAFI RALLY") of an apparently state-sponsored rally in Tripoli along with Sheehan's statement that she does not believe the rally to have been staged by the regime.  (Read here or below.)  She also issued a statement to the effect that, while she "is not pro-Gaddafi", she does not believe him to be as bad as he is portrayed to be.

A comment on her Facebook wall -- one which she approved via the "like" button --  claimed that opposition to the Qaddafi regime results from a Rothschild-backed conspiracy.  The comment alleges that the Rothschild family attempts to overthrow all governments which they can't control via a central bank, and lists alleged examples such as Libya, Venezuela and Cuba.  Another commenter confirms this, and expands the list to include North Korea, Iraq and Iran.  He goes on to blame the Rothschilds for the assassinations of Presidents Lincoln and Kennedy.

This blog previously revealed that Sheehan believes that the killing of Osama bin Laden was faked.  (Read here.) That story went national, and even international, to both my and Cindy Sheehan's surprise.

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