Thursday, July 14, 2011

About the Leiby Kletzky murder

Fred Mogul, a reporter for WNYC, gave a brilliant report on the Leiby Kletzky murder this morning. If you have 6:24 minutes to spare, give it a listen.

An article on the subject has been posted at the WNYC website here: Borough Park Reels at News of Boy's Death.

The blog Failed Messiah has been posting reports from the local news media concerning very troubling details about the confessed killer, Levi Aron. Those reports indicate that many of those who knew him considered him to be mentally ill, and that his behavior had raised fears among his neighbors that he might harm a child. Those reports, which should not be read by everyone, can  be found here. (Failed Messiah, which is written by a disillusioned former Lubavitcher hasid named Shmarya Rosenberg, provides unvarnished, if sometimes opinionated, reporting about aspects of the haredi community that haredi news sources do not cover.)

Amateur video of Leiby Kletzky's funeral can be viewed below.

That this will be my last post about this subject.

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