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Alan Sabrosky: "Large majority of U.S. Jews are traitors" and Israel did 9/11 attacks. So who the heck is Alan Sabrosky?

Sometimes, when an expert makes a serious charge but has no evidence to back it up, it's still newsworthy by dint of the provenance of the charge.  The reputation of a source can play a big role in determining when to believe unverifiable charges, or at least report them with a grain of salt.

Alan Sabrosky bills himself as the former Director of Studies at the U.S. Army War College.  He has made quite a name for himself in recent months by first declaring himself a military expert with high-level connections in the U.S. military hierarchy, then by outrageously claiming that Israel was responsible for 9/11 and that the U.S. military knows this and is concealing it.  While he offers no evidence for this, he claims that he should be trusted because of his expertise.  The truth of the matter -- with respect to both his background and his claims -- is quite different, of course.  Sabrosky has deliberately inflated his role in the military and has used that ruse to promote a hateful, fact-free conspiracy theory.  In fact, while he did work as an administrator at the U.S. Army War College, he was not, as his job title seems to indicate, the director or dean of the college.  Far from it.  According to the Press Office of the Army War College, in the mid-1980s, Sabrosky served as a civilian administrator at a research department of the college, supervising the publication of papers written within that department.  His job title was "Director of Studies" because he supervised publishing studies done within a department of the college.  He was a mid-level civilian manager at a military college, without access to the sort of highly classified material of the sort he now fraudulently claims to have.  Moreover, since his employment at that school was about 25 years ago, his employment there would provide him with no special insights with respect to 9/11.  How on earth could someone who worked on the level of a college librarian in the 1980s be privy to top secret information revealing a vast hidden conspiracy?  And how on earth could he be the only person to know about it or think it worth revealing?

An expert, privy to the highest levels of the military elite?

Over the past few years, Alan Sabrosky has become a fixture of anti-Israel media.  In numerous, articles, interviews and blog postings, he literally does only two things: promotes conspiracy theories and compares Israel to Nazi Germany.  As I mentioned above, most recently, he has taken this campaign to a new level of absurdity by claiming not only that Israel was responsible for carrying out the 9/11 attacks, but that most of the leadership of the U.S. military knows this and is keeping it secret in a vast conspiracy of silence.   I don't know how many of thousands of officers Sabrosky includes in this conspiracy of silence, but, considering that not a single officer has broken it, it would certainly go down as the most successful such conspiracy in history if true.  Only because of Sabrosky's impressive sounding resume, these reckless and baseless charges have been reposted and repeated countless times, albeit in biased and unreliable places.

Sabrosky originally published this conspiracy theory in a column called "Treason, Betrayal and Deceit: 9/11 and Beyond" which he published on the Information Clearinghouse website in September (read here).  That column was reposted verbatim on a number of far-right, pro-Palestinian, 9/11 truth and conspiracy-oriented websites (read here), including, of course, the 9/11 Jewish-Mossad False-Flag Archive.   In March, Sabrosky published his follow-up on Information Clearinghouse, featuring the audio of the interview embedded above. That he called "The Dark Face of Jewish Nationalism: 9/11 - The US Military Knows Israel Did It" (read here).

Based solely on Sabrosky's word, this absurd conspiracy theory has spread far and wide.  Googling the terms sabrosky +9/11 +israel gets about 28,000 hits at the time I'm writing this, reflecting the fact that an ersatz Jewish-American military official's charge that Israel did 9/11 has really gone viral.  (Read here.)  Those Google results include Sabrosky's original column, those quoting or citing Sabrosky's claims, and links to interviews with him.  Among the latter is the Ron Paul Forums website, which posts the above-embedded video  here and here, and touts it here.   The Ron Paul Forums also linked to a posting supporting Sabrosky on the anti-Semitic website TheInformationUnderground.  (Read here.)  More recently, anti-Zionist conspiracy nut Alan Hart and 9/11 conspiracy nut Kevin Barrett gave Sabrosky their seal of approval in a radio interview in which Hart made his own extreme and false charges concerning 9/11, as I wrote here.  Both Hart and Barrett spoke solemnly of their deep respect for Sabrosky and his expertise on Israel and the U.S. military.

Wrapping themselves in the false-flag

A website purportedly devoted to vererens' issues, but which in fact is frequently devoted to promoting conspiracy theories, has been part of the mainstreaming of Sabrosky's views.  Veterans Today (read here) describes Sabrosky's charges as accurate, (falsely) says of him that

What makes him unique is that we have a Jew who can hardly be called “self-hating” or “anti-Semitic” or against Israel.
then quotes Sabrosky that

Zionism is a real witches’ brew of xenophobia, racism, ultra-nationalism and militarism that places it way outside of a “mere” nationalist context...  and goes far beyond the misery for others professed by the Nazis...
Zionism undermines civic loyalty among its adherents in other countries in a way that other nationalist movements (and even ultra-nationalist movements like Nazism) did not.

The column quotes Sabrosky as saying that Zionists regard all non-Jews as "potential enemies".   That's the same column that claims Sabrosky can't be bigoted against Jews because he has some unspecified Jewish family members!

It turns out that Veterans Today isn't quite what it seems.  It's actually edited by another person with an amazingly impressive sounding resume and a penchant for promoting anti-Jewish conspiracy theories.  (Quite a coincidence!)  That man is Gordon Duff, who writes of himself (read here) that he

is a Marine Vietnam veteran, grunt and 100% disabled vet. He has been a featured commentator on TV and radio including Al Jazeera and his articles have been carried by news services around the world. He has been a UN Diplomat, defense contractor and is a widely published expert on military and defense issues. He is active in the financial industry and is a specialist on global trade. Gordon Duff acts as political and economic advisor to a number of governments in Africa and the Middle East. Gordon Duff is currently working on economic development projects in Pakistan and Afghanistan to counter the effects of poverty and global extremism.

I don't know for certain, but excuse me for thinking that Duff's resume sounds more than a bit fishy.

The conspiracy widens...

In a recent radio interview, Sabrosky further widened the dimensions of his conspiracy theory by declaring that "the large majority of U.S. Jews" are "traitors".  After introducing his subject by saying that it was the most important thing he could possibly talk about because loyalty to country is a paramount virtue, Sabrosky told his interviewer that

To my displeasure and my shame, because I have some Jewish relatives -- none of whom is Zionist -- a large majority of American Jews give their allegiance to a foreign country. They may have American citizenship, but their allegiance is to Israel. And as I said in the piece, this is a form of political bigamy that is every bit as dishonest as marital bigamy. And marital bigamy is -- you know -- I'm not married now, but when I was, loyalty to my spouse was absolute. It has to be there. I can look and say "Ah ha! There is Farah Fawcett." You know -- and I could admire someone out there, but I didn't give that person my allegiance. And there's a difference between admiring from a distance and giving allegiance to that thing, and it's the same with a country...

Some of my relatives are German, some are Irish. All of them have a measure of allegiance to those cultures, but it's not a political allegiance, it's a social allegiance. It's like - we're gonna stand up on St. Patty's Day or we're gonna stand up on Oktoberfest and we'll celebrate this, and we're proud of being German or Irish or whatever it happens to be. But none of us gives our allegiance to Ireland or Germany. Jews do.

I don't care if we're called anti-Semites or not. If we don't say "truth is truth -- their allegiance is to a foreign country -- they are traitors", then we're dishonest to ourselves...

I've had a bitter argument with one of my cousins who moved to Israel and kept his American citizenship. If someone loves another country enough to go there, more power to them. They go, and they're gone. But they keep the U.S. citizenship so they can continue to participate in our elections, stand in our offices. Look at Rahm Emanuel! I mean, he served in the Israeli armed forces, not the American armed forces! And he is easily the second most powerful person in the country. Easily. That's treason!"

[The audio of this is available at 4:20 of the below-embedded video.]

Opposition from truthers, support from anti-Zionists

Some in the 9/11 Truth movement have quite sensibly pointed out that Sabrosky's conspiracy theory is not only factually false and illogical,  but that's it's also bigoted.  (Read here.)  Amusingly, they deduce from this that Sabrosky must be an agent provocateur  working with a conspiracy to discredit the other, more sensible, conspiracy theorists.  They think that Sabrosky is a one-man false-flag operation!

But not everyone is as suspicious as the truthers.  For example, the anti-Zionist blog Mondoweiss not only cites Sabrosky as an expert on Israel, it actually published a column he authored at Philip Weiss' request!  In the column, which he wrote for Weiss in 2008 (read here), Sabrosky, after claiming some Jewish heritage by dint of having an unspecified Jewish family member and liking Jewish food, went on to call Benjamin Netanyahu a Nazi -- "Gauleiter in spirt" -- although he didn't bother to say why.  Considering the gravity of that charge, one would think it worthwhile to spell out the crimes that elicited it.  Then, citing those infamous drunken bigots in Max Blumenthal's "Feeling the Hate" video, Sabrosky went on to call Jewish Zionists "barabarians" and "evil", and to compare Zionism to Nazism.  In spite of Blumenthal's claim that his "Feeling the Hate" video wasn't meant to be taken as a reflection of all Zionists, Alan Sabrosky and Mondoweiss certainly saw it that way .  Mondoweiss' editors, while admitting in a column for Talking Points Memo (read here) that the interviews in the Blumenthal video were "cherry-picked", still somehow asserted that the video accurately showed that "Americans who are called to Israel ... don't especially believe in minority rights".  In this way, they illogically argue that cherry-picked facts can support an accurate conclusion.  That sort of logic appeals to those such as Sabrosky who generally operate in a fact-free environment.  They have in that video at least a bit of tangible evidence to support their biases.  Generally, Sabrosky doesn't have any.

Alan Sabrosky


BlArthurHu said...

You are one of the few guys who has it exactly right in spotting the terrorist propoganda network that's succeeded not only in taking down the twin towers but convincing people that the Israeli zionists did it.

Adam Holland said...


Thanks for the support, but I can assure you that I haven't uncovered a terrorist propaganda network. I have, however, been subjected to many hours of listening to and reading the ravings of those who think they have uncovered 9/11 conspiracies and I guarantee you that I have yet to hear a scintilla of convincing evidence from them. The truther movement is a case study in the politics of paranoia.

livingengine said...
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jaredred said...

Let's get one thing straight--not only were the Mossad and/or agents
of Israel involved in this pre-planned murder of Americans--they are now actively engaged in espionage and spying on patriotic U.S. citizens who protest and exercise their constitutional rights. Every dual citizen of Israel working either at the Federal Reserve, Homeland Security or the State Department should summarily give up their Israeli citizenship or be fired. I prefer that they all be hanged!
There is an enemy acting within us America--they are more militant and radical in their views than the most virulent Nazi's. Mr. Holland you better get your head on straight real quick--the American military knows the betrayal drill real well and is ready to avenge the Israeli murder of the U.S.S. Liberty crew, the blatant thievery and looting of American taxpayer dollars through the criminal zionist sympathizers and their puppets at Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan and the rest of that garbage---time to incinerate it!

NCC said...

Jack Nicholson sends a message to Adam Holland and all the 9/11 debunkers who attempt to defend the official story, "You Can’t Handle The Truth!" The truth being that 1,200 degree Fahrenheit jet fuel and office fires cannot produce 2,700+ degree Fahrenheit molten metal (found in the WTC rubble weeks after the collapse), but thermite incendiaries do, which burn above 4,500 degrees Fahrenheit and can melt through the engine of a car. When you drive your car down the road, does your engine ever melt from the gasoline igniting and exploding in the chambers to force the pistons to move the crankshaft? Office fires have never before in world history collapsed a steel framed high rise building because they do NOT burn hot enough to melt and destroy steel! Nanothermite (an advanced and extremely hot incendiary explosive) was found in all recorded dust samples spread out all over New York. Last I heard, they don’t make high tech military grade explosives like Nanothermite in a cave in Afghanistan! The 9/11 commission report and the NIST reports are both bogus whitewashes because they fail to acknowledge basic laws of physics and thermodynamics. Also, the Florida flight-school instructors reported that the “Arabs” were extremely incompetent as students and as pilots, they had trouble operating the smallest and simplest of airplanes like the Cessna 182. So how could they reprogram huge Boeing airliners and fly them to New York and Washington DC? Plane paths are controlled by computers, you cannot just look out the window and take the plane to New York City.

9/11: NIST engineer John Gross denies WTC molten steel

NCC said...

Holland, have you done any research into the Jewish/Israeli connection to 9/11? The Dancing Israelis and their truck bomb? Rabbi Dov Zakheim and Systems Planning Corporation? Don't you know that Larry Silverstein is a Jewish Zionist Banker and is best friends with Benjamin Netanyahu? Since you seem to be unaware of specifics about this topic I'll make it easy for you.

Israel has their fingerprints all over 9/11, this should be completely obvious. They staged 9/11 as a “false flag” operation to turn the United States military against their enemy in the Middle East (the Muslim Palestinians). Israel wants complete control of the entire Middle East, and they can’t do it alone so they wired the three World Trade Center buildings with military grade explosives, brought these buildings down in a controlled demolition, perpetuated the planes/office fires/collapse theory in the mainstream media, and basically tricked the United States into fighting their war for them. Why should one Israeli Jew have to die to protect Israel when they can just make the Christians and Muslims kill each other off? It all makes perfect sense. Even Benjamin Netanyahu was quoted as saying that 9/11 was “very good” for Israel and that it will “generate sympathy for Israel, we are benefiting from one thing, and that is the attack on the twin towers and Pentagon, and the American struggle in Iraq.”

It is foolish to think that Al-Qaeda and the Taliban orchestrated these attacks, they simply do not have the technical expertise required to wire three giant skyscrapers with military grade explosives (Nano-Thermite), and even if they were able to accomplish this, why would they fly planes into the buildings? Whenever you’re in the process of solving a crime, the question that always needs to be addressed is “who benefits?” Osama Bin Laden and all of the alleged Muslim hijacker patsies are automatically out, go to the FBI’s website and look at his most wanted poster, Bin Laden has never been officially indicted for 9/11 by the FBI because there isn’t any evidence linking him to 9/11.

NCC said...

On the other hand, you have the five dancing Israelis who set up their cameras to film themselves in front of the twin towers prior to the attack on 9/11 and were caught by the New Jersey Police dancing, celebrating, flicking their lighters in the air and smiling while the towers burned behind them. They were arrested, their van tested positive for explosives, they had box-cutters, and $4500 cash stuffed in a sock. They were Israeli Mossad agents filming the collapse of the World Trade Center and when the head of homeland security Attorney General Michael Chertoff (another dual US/Israeli citizen traitor) pulled some strings and let them go back to Israel, they went on an Israeli television talk show and said they were there on 9/11 to “document the event.” This is only one example of many facts that point directly at Israel for being responsible. There is only one country in the world that had the motive, means, contacts and truly benefited from 9/11, and that country is Israel. Everyone in America needs to wake up and remove these duel US/Israeli citizen traitors from power or else it is virtually guaranteed that they will carry out another false flag style attack, the biggest difference being the next one will be much worse and they will lay the blame on Iran in order to drag the United States into another needless War against Israel’s enemy in the Middle East.

This subject is so taboo even Alex Jones won’t talk very much about it on his radio show, as threats have been made against him if he points the blame at Israel and the several U.S. government officials who hold dual U.S./Israel citizenship; Michael Chertoff, Phillip Zelikow, Richard Perle, Jerome Hauer, Paul Wolfowitz, Dov Zakheim (the real mastermind of 9/11), Larry Silverstein, etc. Silverstein went on PBS a year after 9/11 and blatantly said that he had decided to “pull” (demolish with explosives) WTC building number 7, which was the third building to collapse later on that day and it was not hit by an airplane!

Silverstein Spills The Beans About WTC Building 7
Israel Did 9/11: All The Proof In The World
Rabbi Dov Zakheim: The Real Mastermind of 9/11
Following Zakheim and Pentagon Trillions to Israel and 9/11
Five Dancing Israelis Arrested on 9/11
Missing Links: The Definitive Truth About 9/11
Part 1
Part 2

Anonymous said...

if you flew a plane into the head of a conspiracy theorist. The plane would implode on impact and the integrity of the theorists head would still be go tact and unharmed. Because of the density of their skulls. They're a thick lot. If a person farts on an island across the globe they would somehow link it to israel jews and 911

Anonymous said...

Okay, Adam, I understand your analysis. So, who are you; what are the qualifications that you feel merit our believing you over Alan Sabrosky (et al); and who do you think/know/feel was responsible for 9/11?

I look forward to your answer.

Adam Holland said...

You miss the point of the post. Sabrosky relies on his purported expertise to convince listeners to accept his allegations without any evidence whatsoever. I do not ask my readers to do me such favors. All I ask is that they read the information I present, verify its truth via the links I provide, and decide for themselves. Can you understand that distinction?

Commentor said...

We have a funny situation here. On the one hand, we have Mr Holland publishing critical comments, probably in order to show that he fears no foe in his self-defined mission as a universal defender of Zionism and all things Israeli. But, of course, Mr Holland has nothing to answer to comments such as NCC's. Anyone willing to invest just a few hours investigating NCC's leads, as a starting point, will uncover mind-bogglingly abundant and uncontrovertible evidence of wrongdoing on the part of Israeli assets in the case of 9/11, but also the London 7/7 bombings, and other more recent false flag events. Yet, despite his sustained surveilance of anti-zionists and conspiracy theorists, Mr. Holland has not yet heard "a scintilla of convincing evidence".

Mr. Holland seems to think he can have it both ways: publishing critical and substantiated comments, without ever addressing their content, and at the same time acting like there's never been a convincing element to suggest that :

1) the official version of 9/11 is divorced from the basic tenets of what we call reality (like the most basic and well-established laws of physics), to the point of absolute ridicule. As most people of his ilk, Mr Holland does not acknowledge the existence of any respectable critic of the official scenario. Sabrosky could be a very dubious character indeed, and as such a perfect candidate for Mr Holland's scrutiny, but the fact remains that many brave scientists, pilots, military personel, academics, journalists, etc. have denounced the utter absurdity of the official script, and very convincingly so. Most of the time, they are simply ignored, when they're not vilified, threatened and deprived of their livelihood. Mr Holland would rather have you believe that any critic of the official script is a moron or a bigot.

2) Israeli intelligence services and assets (people in extremely influential positions, and a myriad of front companies, e.g. the sinister ICTS Corporation, helmed by a "former" MOSSAD asset, that handled airport security services in the 9/11 airports) in the US have their fingerprints all over it. So much evidence, so little time...

By not chosing between censorship of critical comments, and honest inquiry, Mr Holland is only exposing himself as a damned fool or, much more probably, a hypocrite and a shill.

Of course, Mr Holland's manoeuvers will only convince the hopelessly naive, or the utterly ignorant about these matters, the historical background of the modern state of Israel, the forces behind its inception and funding, and its unique relationship to false flag terrorism. They are his obvious target. Concerned readers will make sure they base their assessment of the situation on facts, from which all-too obvious patterns emerge.

Anonymous said...

So, once again anyone who criticizes Zionism is labeled "anti-Semitic". What a surprise.
While I may not agree with Sabrosky, or really even care what he has to say, his ideas are relevant.
Who has the most to gain from provoking greater American involvement in the Middle East? Qui bono?
There are several possible answers to this question, and some more likely to be the real truth than others. What that truth is, I cannot say. But claiming that everyone who criticizes Israel, its Zionist policies and gov't, and the dual citizenship and allegiance of high-ranking officials, are racists just nullifies your whole argument and shows you to be either completely ignorant or disingenuous.

Anonymous said...

Just a couple questions for you Adam. Which country do you owe primary and only allegiance...USA or Israel? Should an American Jew be an American first or a Jew first?

Adam Holland said...

The idea that people have to choose between being Jewish or American distills to its essence American anti-Semitism. That I am proudly and devotedly American should not be subject to questioning by the likes of you.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the analysis of Alan Sabrosky. I ran across his accusations recently and gave them consideration based on his "resume." The first thing I noticed was there didn't seem to be any facts behind his charges aside from his "follow the money" reasoning. Then while reading additional material from him I began to get the feeling he might have what is termed some "self-loathing Jew" characteristics. Upon learning here that his resume from the War College is inflated, I am sure now that Sabrosky has problems and that his theories are no more than speculation. It was only because of his resume that I first gave him a second glance and now I know that is false as well. Thank you.

Unknown said...

Sabrosky's resume with the War College is inflated to give credence to his accusations since he has no proof to back them up. Without his resume, he's just another crank and since his curriculum vitae is a lie, so are his "theories."

Anonymous said...

Adam holland, may you enjoy the fruits of malkuth long enough to see the fall of the deceptive empire you represent in discourse. 19 amateurs hitting 75% of their targets, while evading US defense and intelligence, is truly fitting of a "crack pot conspiracy theory." people like you and the grandson of prescott m bush, nazi financier, know exactly how to manipulate language to keep the truth from finding the sheeple with ease. keep the true evidence unacknowledged, we wouldn't want your shill brain stuck defending a house of cards in a slight breeze, now would we?

Anonymous said...

Anyone who uses Google streetview will see it disprove most of the crucial points of the fantasy "Dancing Israelis"

Kreplach said...

Anyone who can use Google Streetview will see that it refutes many basic points of the "Dancing Israelis" idea kept alive my Jew Haters.

Anonymous said...

The government's conspiracy theory of 9/11 has been destroyed piece by piece. NIST refuses to test for explosive residue. They have not shown us a plane at the Pentagon. Rumsfeld said a missile damaged the pentagon, and the plane over Pennsylvania was shot down. Rumsfeld recently told Erich Mancow Muller that he had never heard of building 7 before. Sabrosky and Steve Pieczenik are made credible, by the number of lies the government was caught at.

Adam Holland said...

Your claim that no plane hit the Pentagon is belied by hundreds of witnesses and incontrovertible physical evidence. DNA for many of the passengers was found at the site. In fact, a row of seats with the bodies of the passengers still strapped into them was found at the site. The idea that the plane did not crash, but was diverted elsewhere, makes no sense and their is absolutely no evidence to support it. If Sabrosky also believes this, it raises further questions in my mind as to his mental state. The idea that the Pentagon was not hit by a plane is, in the words of a recent U.S. District Court decision, cynical and delusional.

I also don't believe what you say about Rumsfeld is true. If you want to prove otherwise, show me the evidence.

The truther's modus operandi: raise as many specious arguments as possible, ignore when they are disproved, then claim that the bulk of the evidence is on your side when, in fact, there is no evidence on your side whatsoever.

Adam Holland said...

errata: read "there" for "their"

Anonymous said...

What a bizarre buttload of fantasies and speculation, the evidence is overwhelming that we have been lied to every step of the way and 911 was indeed a carefullynorchestrated event, I wouldnt want to not know the truth if my own mother was involved in this in some way, you Israel scophants because of you delusions of eternal life as subscribed in their history book are the nutters.. The evidence points to ties in this thing that run much deeper than your comprehension levels apparently.. One of the most damning pieces of this for me fact that certain individuals placed put options on the airlines and other corporations in the days before it happened. The Arron Russo interview is quite telling, we know nano thermite was involved and that the buildings were brought down by bombs... We need a new and real investigation and if Israel was involved they should pay the price for their betrayal.. Beyond that I agree that dual citizenship should be a disqualifier for holding positions within the realms of governmental power.. This little hit piece is nothing but an attack against a mans carachter.. Bring some evidence to the table

Rebecca said...

The "fruits of malkuth"? What is that?

Adam Holland said...

Authentic frontier gibberish?

Tim said...

Alan Sabrosky was indeed director of studies at the U.S. War College.

He was also director of The Foreign Policy Research Institute, amongst other notable figures such as Henry Kissinger.

A book by Howard J. Wiarda goes through different stages of the FPRI, and records Sabrosky heading to become the director of studies at the War College.

Adam Holland said...


Thanks for that link. You are correct that Sabrosky was "Director of Studies" at the Army War College in the 1980s, but, according to the press office at that College, that position is not what it sounds. Sabrosky's role was supervising publication of research papers ("studies") done within one department of the college. He was a mid-level civilian manager, just as I stated in this post.

According to the text you linked to in your comment, Sabrosky's career at FPRI prior to his going to the Army War was unimpressive. Read what you linked to. Here's a quote:

"During the 1970s, he was a research associate at FPRI but had never achieved the status among his peers...that comes from a full, tenured position at a major university." and "He was listed as a 'lecturer' at Penn". and "Sabrosky had a respectable publications record mainly focused on alliance systems, prisoners of war and unionization within the U.S. military, but no breakthrough or pioneering work. He stayed only about one year at FPRI", then went to Washington, DC for a year before "finding a permanent job ... (at) the Army War College. When he left in 1982, FPRI faced a severe shortage of funds".

Does any of this support his being privy to a massive traitorous conspiracy within the U.S. military for which he has no evidence or corroboration? The fact is that, 25 years after his work at the Army War College, he crawled out of the woodwork to claim that his modest credential there somehow gives him the authority to assert that the most implausible story imaginable is true based solely on his word. To believe such a half-baked claim pushes credulity beyond any reasonable limit.

rob said...


well done there are a lot of idiots & bigots that comment I think they are low in number but are obsessives

As for the truthers well not worth talking to but thanks for your work


larry said...

I was born and raised in nyc. I survived the 911 attacks and saw the second plane hit the WTC.

It was a military plane. If you analyze any video showing the second impact you can clearly see, a GREEN, WINDOWLESS plane.

Here are three links to videos that show. Stop this video below at 8-9 seconds and then again at 1:48

Other New Yorkers who saw the same exact thing.

FDNY who saw a military plane hit the WTC. Start it at 6:10

larry said...

I was born and raised in nyc. I survived the 911 attacks and saw the second plane hit the WTC.

It was a military plane. If you analyze any video showing the second impact you can clearly see, a GREEN, WINDOWLESS plane.

Here are three links to videos that show. Stop this video below at 8-9 seconds and then again at 1:48

Other New Yorkers who saw the same exact thing.

FDNY who saw a military plane hit the WTC. Start it at 6:10

Anonymous said...

Iv read all the posts only to come to the conclusion that hardly any of you have answered any questions, but mearly hide behind your opinions. Who really cares how 911 was done. If it was remote controlled planes, missiles, 19 guys who hate freedoms ect It really matters who.. I mean the official story and the media presensation of 911 is laughable. If you read about who was in the Bush administration, you'll find out who they were, who they were loyal to, and why. It's really that simple. To rip apart AS because of his background is an easy thing to do. It doesnt debunk his findings as a person. I looked into who was in the bush administration the day 911 happend and found that most were Israeli loyalists and it it fact that most of them were involved in projects that bennifited the wars after 911and Its a fact the only country that benifited from 911 was Israel. Its easy to pin it on Muslims because they are the easy target. Israel Nationalist hate Muslims. Fact. I would say that from what Iv learned, it's not about the religion as a belief , its how religion is used by the country's government that It hides behind to justify their actions. My opinion doesn't make me a jew hater, or however you wanna twist it. Your view of AS doesn't address the facts that have come up over and over. But I guess you believe only the parts that fit your opinion.

Anonymous said...

Dr tim Why would you base anyones opinions on their resume? Wouldn't you check out the opinion first? It's a fact what AS has stated that most of the Bush administration is loyal to Israel first. And that doesn't make you wanna know more?? It just stops there for you? I didn't need AS to tell me that. I inquired about that the day it happend. After the USS liberty, and many other noticeable false flags, The Irael gov is very much in question.

Anonymous said...

Hi Adam thanks for the info. Scary, scary responses...

Keep up the great work!!!

2cents said...

A secret society called ILLUMINATI did it, not Israel

Swede said...


Swede said...

I live near a base and noticed the planes do look the same,and mossad and Israel will ne exposed,even if they desperatly hire many fakes like the one lowya running this site.

Anonymous said...

You guys are completely nuts.

Henry Balfour said...

RE: I have yet to hear a scintilla of convincing evidence from them.
You therefore fail to operate any critical thinking or analysis on the swamp of available data. I'd aks a corollary question: do you fully accept the 9/11 Commission report, and if not, wjhat alternative narrative do you propose for the actors behind the 9/11 murders ?

Michael Santomauro said...

Hostile Jewish sensibilities is now mainstream:

When an ethnocentric Jewish Judge (and the Jewish lawyers) loses their objectivity, then the truism applies:

Everything is religious, everything is political.

Justice Matthew F. Cooper: Sending me this about "The Fucking Jews"
Mr. Santomauro: No, actually, it was the opposite of that. It was "Fuck the Arabs" in the essay.
Sandra Schpoont (Attorney for my 11 year old son): Oh, that's better.
Madelyn Jaye:: (Attorney for my ex-wife): Oh, that's better.
Steven Mandel (Attorney for my ex-wife): That's better.
Justice Matthew F. Cooper: Oh, that's better.

Letter from The Mandel Law Firm (Steven J. Mandel) 12-9-13

Dr. Susan E. Budney Reply Affirmation 2012.11.20.pdf -

Hostile New York divorce Judge Matthew Cooper: "Is that [Jewish] agenda to dilute the Aryan race?" On page 20:


My essay in question:
+The Myth of the Innocent Civilian

"Justice Matthew F. Cooper has distorted, invented or misremembered almost every significant claim and phrase. In particular, 'Jewish conspiracy' is completely false, in spirit and in word.

"It is serious and upsetting. Rather than correct a smear, Justice Cooper has attempted, perhaps not surprisingly, to justify one smear with another in the same direction.

"Michael Santomauro promotes the ideal of "scientific journalism" – where the underlaying evidence of all articles is available to the reader precisely in order to avoid these type of distortions. Michael Santomauro treasurse his strong Jewish support just as he treasures the support from pan-Arab democracy activists and others who share the hope for a just world." --I.S.

Michael Santomauro
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"An anti-Semite condemns people for being Jews, I am not an anti-Semite."--Michael Santomauro.

bly guy said...

The smoking gun is building 7. The 9/11 commission report doesn't provide and information as to why or how a steel framed building could possibly experience total structural failure simultaneously and collapse into its own footprint at freefall speed from a few office fires. Why/how did the BBC report it's collapse a good 15-20 minutes before it actually happened and when it could still clearly be seen behind the reporter? Where did the molten pools of steel found under the rubble come from? In the history of steel structure buildings, never has one collapsed due to fire, let alone at free fall speed and into its own footprint, except on 9/11/01. The 9/11 commission is such a wild conspiracy theory that it's truly shocking people not only believe it, tho it defies simple laws of physics, but aggressively defend it and call any of those that question it nut case conspiracy theorists. It's time to wake up folks, and building 7 is the smoking gun.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of facts... you have cited none which disprove anything Dr. Sabrosky has said about Israeli mossad carrying out the 911 attacks. All you have done is attack Dr. Sabrosky himself for bringing these facts to the attention of alert Americans.

Anonymous said...

I truly hope some of the sheep have had an awakening since this article was first published. It's truly scary to think so many still believe the "official account" of what happened on that terrible day. God bless.

Anonymous said...

I truly hope some of the sheep have had an awakening since this article was first published. It's truly scary to think so many still believe the "official account" of what happened on that terrible day. God bless.

SAUMAG-N said...

@bly guy
So why did the Zionist even made the effort to demolition WTC7 after destroying the twin towers?

Unknown said...

I'm waiting for the day when an Israel supporter discusses facts instead of launching personal attacks.


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