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Glenn Beck forum: Israel did 9/11

The 9/12 Project, which is Glenn Beck's loose-knit political organization, is promoting Alan Hart's slanderous charges that Israel destroyed the World Trade Center on 9/11 using "controlled ground explosives" and airplanes steered by remote control devices hidden in cell phones. He claimed, first in an internet radio interview by Kevin Barrett, then in a radio interview with Alex Jones, that the world's foremost engineering firm has told him of the truth of this conspiracy. He claims that he is currently unable to provide any further information about this or to identify his sources because he doesn't have access to the computer in which that data is stored. He went on to claim that this story is "well documented". As implausible as his story is, Hart's tall tale has been repeated in a variety of forums, including Pat Buchanan's blog and the website of the Ron Paul campaign. (Previous posts about this are available here in the archives.)

Here's what they've posted at Glenn Beck's 9/12 Project forum:

Greetings all,

Up until a couple of months ago I was always uncomfortable when someone criticized Zionist. I had mistakenly thought they were referring to all Jews and I try to avoid stereotyping. However, recently I have come to the understanding that Zionism deserves more criticism than anyone I know of has given it up until recently. Thanks to Mideast-expert, journalist-author Alan Hart, author of the book, Zionism: The Real Enemy of The Jews, the picture is now clear to me and the task ahead is also clear. We the people must take our government back.

Israel is much like the US in that the people, the Jews, do not control the government. Their government is controlled by the same Zionist criminals who control our government...they are better known here as neocons. I do not expect you to believe me, but if you have a yearning for the truth, spend a little time doing some real research away from the mainstream propaganda that we have been spoon fed. It appears to me that the Zionist are guiding us towards World War III.

This interview of Alan Hart by Kevin Barrett pulls back the curtains and exposes the lies we have been told: http://noliesradio.or... That statement is probably an oversimplification for those of you who have been prone to believe everything that comes from the government or their stool pigeons in mainstream media while discrediting everything from alternative sources. If you lack the truth seekers background research, you may need to read Alan's books to bring yourself up to speed.

Those of us who bother to look beyond the darkness of delusion into the light of truth are used to being thought of and sometimes even called conspiracy theorist or kooks. We have already dealt with the extreme discomfort that many will experience while listening to the above interview. Calling us names may make them feel better about the spoon fed ignorance they parrot, but the ignorance remains and the truth is all that really matters to us.

My original subject line was, It's Not the Arabs Stupid, but I decided that this subject matter is much too important to take the risk of offending anyone right up front and losing the chance for enlightenment. Our future is at stake, and it is not because of the Arabs, it is because of the Zionist. If you are as uncertain about what Zionism is as I was a mere few months ago, you could do much worse that spending some time at this site:

Here is a quick overview:

Scroll down at this site for an audio interview of Dr. Alan Sabrosky, under the title, 9/11 - The US Military Knows Israel Did It: http://www.informatio...

If you can deal with the discomfort, there is much truth that many of you have been unaware of up till now...excuses for staying in the darkness are just that, excuses.


Great minds think alike...

UPDATE #1 (May 30, 2010):  

Michael Eck, the Glenn Beck 9/12 Project forum member who posted this column, is a longtime, avid Ron Paul supporter. (Read here.) I guess that explains his avatar, a coin bearing the likeness of Ron Paul:

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