Monday, November 2, 2009

Traficant to testify for Demjanjuk; working for neo-fascist website


Nikki said...

First, this is an excellent article with a lot of very pertinent information.

The racist community is quiet busily singing the praises of Traficant at this moment and many are applauding the fact that Representative Ron Paul came to his defense back in 2002, on the House floor.

It's kind of funny about the Duke/Piper relationship. I guess you can't expect Piper to distance himself too much from the Dukester - it's pretty hard to do when you're joined at the hip. ;)

PV van der Byl said...


This clown Piper has other friends who are also as interesting—and entertaining---as Traficant.

The third photograph on your post shows a woman gazing admiringly at Piper. She turns out to be a fan of David Irving and other Holocaust deniers.

This is “Lady” Michele Renouf who owes her title to a very brief 1991 marriage to a New Zealander with a knighthood. Sir Frank Renouf was 28 years her senior and described their marriage of a few months as a “nasty accident.” See

[,25197,25048913-5012694,00.html] for more.

Nevertheless, she still styles herself as “Lady” Renouf.

Adam Holland said...

I knew that, I just wanted to see what reaction those pictures would elicit.

Revised post here:

Are you really named after the Ian Smith allied Rhodesian politician?


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