Thursday, November 5, 2009

Buchanan website: swine flu vaccine plot by "elites" to kill 2/3 of the world's population

According to a video posted on Pat Buchanan's website, a secret group of "elites" have put in place a plan to lessen the world's population through use of the swine flu vaccine. The video by Dr. Rauni Kilde, described as the former Chief Medical Officer of Finland, claims that the unnamed secret cabal plans to use harmful vaccines to reduce the world population by as much as 5 billion in order to alleviate overpopulation.

For some reason, the folks at the Buchanan website failed to include a second, more complete video of the interview with Dr. Kilde. That's the one where, in addition to vaccines, she also discusses UFO's and what she describes as "mind control" techniques.

According to the info helpfully provided on YouTube by the interviewer:

Our first attempt with Rauni had vital sections deleted by hostile agencies. In this re-interview Rauni discusses a major UFO Conference in Moscow, with 3 high ranking US Military. She roundly condems the Swine Flue racket as a fraud similar to the 1976. She is under constant harassement as was proven when major sections of the 1st interview destroyed in London.

Thank you Pat Buchanan for bringing this sort of sane, well-considered analysis to the health care debate.

UPDATE (11/6/09): You can read a bit of Dr. Kilde's writing here. It concerns her belief that a secret program has been implanting behavior-changing microchips into the brains unwitting human subjects since the 1940s.

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Anonymous said...

OK, so when is Zionism going to be mentioned? You know it's inevitable.

Every time she spoke of "elites," I held my breath, but then she would refer to governments or to the "pharmas" by which she meant the big pharmaceutical companies.

Actually, as crazy as it sounds, I heard that some Israeli physicists actually worked out the theory of time travel and inter-dimensional travel. Just the theory, mind you. Nothing more. But then again....

Ah, but then again, that could be a crackpot rumor, too.



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