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Ron Paul Forum: "Netanyahu behind Obama birth rumors"

Ron Paul's official 2008 presidential campaign forum, which is still operating, has picked up a bizarre conspiracy theory from the Iranian regime's English language TV station Press TV. (Read here.) Senior forum members now blame Bibi Netanyahu for the whole "birther" phenomenon, claiming that he is running a covert disinformation op through AIPAC and that Orly Taitz is in its employ. (Evidence, a la Press TV: "just after this fake birth certificate came out, she [Taitz] pops up in Tel Aviv two days later." The source? PressTV's sole source for this story is conspiracy theorist Wayne Madsen. Read here and here. First link has died; try this one instead.)

Yup. That sounds like grist for Ron Paul's mill.

Hey, wait a minute! Aren't these the same people who were advocating the whole birther thing yesterday? Yes, but that was yesterday.

You can read the thread at the Ron Paul Forum here: Netanyahu behind Obama birth Rumors: Report (cached version here)

The thread was started by a Senior Member of the forum (1,948 posts) who calls himself RonPaulFanInGA and whose avatar looks a great deal like Wolf Blitzer. I love the first response the post of the Press TV link got:
"One thing the progressives know how to do very well is to use scare tactics, and point the people to a 'external enemy'."
OK. Who are "the progressives" in this story and who is the "external enemy"? Do these conspiracy nuts get some kind of road map or flow chart when they sign up at the Ron Paul Forum? To the uninitiated it seems just a bit, well, incoherent, ineffable, farmisht, farblondzhet, farfolen, mishuga, "unusual", "obscure" and hallucinatory.

Further explanations of the conspiracy lead deeper into a well of confusion so deep even Yiddish words for fuzzy thinking fail me. They claim that the plot had, as its goal, the replacement of the purportedly anti-Israel Obama with the pro-Israel Biden.

A post by a very senior member of the forum (3,834 posts) named "max" has found a way to both embrace this conspiracy and maintain his god-given right to be a madman, I mean birther (read here):

"I am a proud birther, and I want the truth exposed....but not for the same reasons as certain Zionists do...

"Having just learned that Orly Taitz is a Zionist, I now see that the BC issue is a neo-con op....just as Monica Lewinsky scandal was...

"Consider that Taitz is a Zionist, Phil Berg is a Zionist, Alan Keyes is a neo-con, Lou Dobbs is a warmonger, and Joe Farah at World Net Daily is a fanatic Christian Zionist...and that certain elements in MSM are leaking stuff....and the pattern is clear.

"The Zionists want Obama to hit Iran, but Obama and his Trilateralist handlers are focused on Afghanistan and Pakistan and are willing to deal with Iran.

"The game here is to expose the Birth issue just enough that Obama will need a distraction and give in to an Iranian war. THEN...and only then, will the birther issue go away."

Where else could intrepid conspiracy buffs both embrace the truth of a conspiracy theory and claim at the same time that it is disinformation connected to a covert push for war? Thanks Ron Paul for providing such a useful forum!

UPDATE: August 15, 2009 10:45 pm

Some weird paranoia on the Ron Paul Forum concerning yours truly. Two Senior Members of the forum are convinced that a) I'm some sort of Israeli agent and b) I'm secretly a member of their forum. Here's what they're saying:
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Originally Posted by Sandra View Post
Does this blog belong to anyone here? Or is he just wanting attention.

http://h ttp://adamholland.blogspot....ind-obama.html
Judging from the rest of the content on his site he looks to be a megaphone user

h ttp://
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I just stumbled across it on a search.

Hi, Mr Holland. What's your sockpuppet moniker? We know you're here.

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Senior forum member "revolutionisnow" says:
"Judging from the rest of the content on his site he looks to be a megaphone user"
Senior forum member "Sandra" replies:
"I just stumbled across it on a search.

Hi, Mr Holland. What's your sockpuppet moniker? We know you're here."

I didn't know what the "megaphone" referred to, so, of course, I googled it. Wikipedia says it's a tool to facilitate response to negative news stories and blog posts about Israel. Googling megaphone + "ron paul" led me to an article on the Prison Planet website, which I believe is associated with conspiracy theory entrepreneur Alex Jones. The argument that the Prison Planet article puts forward, that an Israeli disinformation campaign is behind negative stories about Ron Paul, is so paranoid and ridiculous that its a perfect encapsulation of the ronpaulian, John Birch Society, mindset. Do these people really believe that the Israeli government, with all their concerns, devotes resources to monitoring the activities of the Ron Paul Forum? I think not.

Sorry to disappoint them, but I am not now, nor have I ever been, a "megaphone" user or associated with any such group. The proof that "revolutionisnow" offers of my participation in the megaphone program is a link to my blog for the month of January 2008. I guess I should feel complemented that he feels that my solo efforts are the result of some computerized Zionist conspiracy (but, on the other hand, look at the source). The belief that a Jew and a supporter of Israel would automatically be part of a conspiracy is so obviously false and offensive that I am not surprised he has it.

With respect to senior Ron Paul Forum member Sandra's comment that I am covertly a member of their forum: that is equally paranoid and absurd. What on earth would lead a sane person to such a conclusion?

Never mind...

UPDATE: August 16, 2009 8:30 pm

A Ron Paul Forum Senior Member called "devil21" has chimed in, saying:

"I guess he expects us to believe that he just happened to come across some obscure thread on a forum with hundreds of thousands of posts that just happened to be blog worthy."

I seem to remember that google was how they found my website, but somehow, when they're discovered, it can only be through the use of some nefarious, Zionist superpower. Of course, "devil21" has a history of brilliant ideas about the evils of Israel. For one, he believes that the Mossad was behind the Mumbai massacre. (Read here.) After accusing a fellow forum member of using the "megaphone" application (I see a pattern developing) he writes:

"Here's something to chew on. Why has there been tons upon tons of "news articles" focusing on the....what...5(?)...Jews killed in Mumbai? Nevermind the other few HUNDRED goyim that died right? Was Mossad involved?"

Nice crowd at the Ron Paul Forum.


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Why am I not surprised this is coming from Ron Paul's forum?

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I think they like you Adam, at least you noticed them. I'm sure it's more than their mommies do.


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