Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Coulter accuses Rev. Barry Lynn of being secretly Jewish

Republican columnist Ann Coulter has accused First Amendment activist Rev. Barry Lynn of being secretly Jewish. Coulter, who not coincidentally is touting a new book, recently wrote in a column that she would provide a free copy of it to anyone who could produce Lynn's bar mitzvah photos or birth announcement. She threw in a "mazel tov!" for good measure. (Read here.) Read her column to get the context. If you do, you'll understand that, to Coulter, activism on behalf of the separation of church and state equals opposition to Christianity; and opposition to Christianity equals Judaism.

Lynn has responded, writing at beliefnet.com (read here):
"You see, I have been attacked by Ann Coulter...again. This one deserves an immediate response.

"She has now claimed that I'm not a real minister -- and not a real Christian -- and has told readers that she would send a free copy of her newest book (sure to become another New York Times bestseller) to the first person who can send her a "copy of my bar mitzvah photos or birth announcement."

"I wonder why my lineage would matter. After all, there are some of Jewish converts to Christianity ... Maybe she is convinced that I am the Antichrist. Many fundamentalists concerned about this matter (including the late Jerry Falwell) believe he is already among us and claim the said figure must be Jewish. Hence, to Ann, I must have been born Jewish."

Lynn, with characteristic good humor, accompanies this with images of his Cameroonian birth certificate (courtesy of Orly Taitz) and a snapshot of him as a baby with his two alien parents.

Fredrick Carlson has an excellent column on Coulter's latest calculatedly offensive remarks. In a column at the Talk2Action blog (which is always a good read), Carlson expresses outrage at Coulter's bigoted smear and diagnoses it perfectly.

"Of course, Rev. Barry Lynn, as executive director of Americans United for Separation of Church and State (and a former director of the Washington, DC office of the ACLU) is a proponent of religious freedom and is unopposed to religious expression... But he is routinely smeared by elements of the Religious Right because he and AU are vigorous and effective opponents of theocratic creep and the hijacking of government resources for unconstitutional religious purposes... Coulter gets very specific and suggests that Lynn is so opposed to public religious expression that he is opposed to Christian religious expression by children -- therefore he must be Jewish."

True to form, Wikipedia is already right on the case. Someone has already added Lynn's invented heritage to the article about him there. No source for this information is given. (Read here.)

And the racist community is promoting Coulter's anti-Semitic disinformation. Pat Buchanan's pal James Edwards of the white supremicist group Council of Conservative Citizens and the radio show Political Cesspool has picked up Coulter's theme (read here), writing:

"The vast majority of attacks on public displays of Christianity come from Jewish groups like the American Jewish Committee, the ACLU, the ADL, the SPLC, etc. But there is one fairly prominent organization headed by a Christian which does the same sort of thing. It’s Americans United for Separation of Church and State. It’s run by Rev. Barry Lynn. But Ann Coulter’s not buying it. She believes Barry Lynn is secretly a Jew who’s only pretending to be a Christian in order to attack Christianity."

By the way, contrary to Edwards' comment, the ACLU is not a Jewish organization, it's a front for the international communist conspiracy to fluoridate our water.

To clarify the extremely obvious fact to which I alluded in the lead paragraph, Coulter deliberately creates controversy with an offensive comment whenever she has a book to sell. Her attack on the widows of those killed on 9/11, her pronouncements on God's views concerning the shortcomings of the Jewish religion, and her "raghead talks tough, raghead faces consequences" spring immediately to mind. And then there was the time during the 2008 presidential campaign when she called candidate John Edwards a "faggot". I'd call her a shock jock, but they work a lot harder than she does and are sometimes funny. Let's just call her mean as a snake, lazy and opportunistic.


Anonymous said...

Let's just call you "lonely", since no one has seen fit to comment on your article as of yet. Also, can you clarify, to which local branch of his faith does the Most Reverend Lynn belong?

Adam Holland said...

Maybe they felt that the post spoke for itself. I suspect they'll think your comment does as well.

Anonymous said...

Dear other anonymous,

Unless you produce a certified birth certificate, I and the other readers of this blog will assume you are a sneaky, sneaky Jew, and that your comment was part of a plan by moveon.org and the Trilateral Commission to set up Holland as a victim.

Adam Holland said...

Can the two of you find some place to have this conversation and leave me out of it?

Citizenfitz said...

Lynn never actually denied the accusation, did he?


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