Friday, October 31, 2008

Senator Dole's Godless Ad

The gutter campaign being run by the Republican Senator from North Carolina has elicited outraged responses from across the political spectrum. They are outraged by a Dole for Senate ad which currently being broadcast in North Carolina which shows an image of her adversary with a voice over sounding a great deal like her adversary's voice saying "there is no God". The voice is not that of her adversary. Now Dole will have to defend her deliberate deception in court. Voters will have an opportunity to express their opinion about this on election day.

from ABC's Political Radar: Dole Sued for 'Godless' Attack Ad (by Teddy Davis)

Republican Sen. Elizabeth Dole is being sued for defamation and libel by Kay Hagan, her Democratic Senate challenger, for broadcasting a television ad which, in the words of Hagan's legal action, "falsely implies" that Hagan shares the views of an entity that calls itself the Godless Americans PAC.

Dole's attack stems from Hagan attending a Sept. 15 Boston fundraiser which was co-hosted by Woody Kaplan who sits on the advisory board of the Godless Americans PAC.

The most inflammatory and misleading part of Dole's television ad comes at the end when Hagan's photo is coupled with audio of a female voice saying, "There is no God." The effect is to make it seem like it is Hagan's voice when, in fact, it belongs to Ellen Johnson, the executive director of the Godless Americans PAC.

Watch it here.

Hagan is a Presbyterian church elder. She responded with an ad Thursday in which she forcefully declares her faith in God.

Dole is one of nine incumbent Republican senators who is in a tough fight for re-election. first reported on the "Godless" attack when the NRSC made it the subject of a web video earlier this month . Read more here.

Good news. It looks like it didn't work. Now get out and vote!

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