Monday, October 27, 2008

The anti-Obama, anti-Israel left: Alexander Cockburn

Alex Cockburn says he can't support Barack Obama because "(h)e has groveled before the Israel lobby..."

Cockburn says that he might support Cynthia McKinney if not for that small matter of her alleging without evidence that 5,000 people were executed by the government and dumped in bayous after Hurricane Katrina. No, he isn't being sarcastic.

from the Nation: Against Obama (by Alexander Cockburn):

I suggest you go to the website of the Nader-Gonzalez campaign and read its platform, particularly on popular participation and initiative. Or read the portions of Libertarian Bob Barr's platform on foreign policy and constitutional rights. Cynthia McKinney is now making nutty claims about 5,000 post-Katrina executions; otherwise I'd include her. Do you really want to be on the same side as Alan Dershowitz, Colin Powell and Christopher Hitchens?

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