Friday, October 17, 2008

Alan Dershowitz endorses Barack Obama for presidency

read here: Alan Dershowitz: Why I Support Israel and Obama


Matt said...

I was looking at that yesterday. I wouldn't exactly call it enthusiastic, though..

Adam Holland said...


I don't know how to gauge Dershowitz' enthusiasm for Obama other than to take the text at its words:

"I support him on policies unrelated to Israel, such as the Supreme Court, women's rights, separation of church and state and the economy."

I think that you may view the portion of the endorsement dealing with Israel as less than enthusiastic because Dershowitz thinks both McCain and Obama equally supportive of Israel. That's not a half-hearted support of Obama's Israel policy, but a recognition of McCain's strengths in that area. Moreover, Dershowitz believes that Obama's support for Israel will have greater impact because it comes from the political left, from someone with a deep commitment to promoting international law and human rights, and from someone with respect for and respected by our allies. He also astutely points out that Obama is supported by younger voters, and for that reason his support for Israel will influence the future of our relationship with Israel to a greater degree than McCain. McCain appeals to an older electorate whose influence on future policy is frankly coming to an end. In historical terms, McCain may be at the tail end of a basically Republican era beginning with Reagan and ending with Bush, Jr. Obama may be at the beginning of a new era of Democratic ascendancy. The fact that he so enthusiastically supports Israel bodes very well indeed for the future of U.S. - Israeli relations.


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