Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Pat Boone: Obama is "black Elvis"

I learned today that Pat Boone blogs at a right wing website called World Net Daily. I was just doing a little research about the proliferation of wacky conspiracy theories concerning George Soros and Barack Obama. (To give a preview: the theories originated with far right cult leader Lyndon Larouche and have been spread by Fox News' Bill O'Reilly. This puts the story right in my ballpark -- it's an intrusion of an extremist conspiracy theory into the mainstream.)

That story is coming soon, but, for now, have a laugh. Pat Boone has jumped on the wacky Soros conspiracy bandwagon and was looking for the ultimate putdown of Barack Obama to use in his blog post. What two words do you think popped into his mind? "Black Elvis".

Read it here


Unknown said...

Don't think so. Where did you find this?

Adam Holland said...

World Net Daily


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