Tuesday, August 19, 2008

What Palestinians want more than a state

Although I disagree with the absolute statement which is the premise of the below-linked piece (i.e. that Palestinians do not want a state), I believe the contrast between Israel's willingness to compromise and Palestinian unwillingness to do so is very telling. In fact, it's essential to understanding Zionism's success and the impasse in efforts to reach Arab-Israeli peace.

Palestinians do want a state, but want one without compromise. They want a state, but want military victory more. In other words, they don't want any state that is conceivably possible. This unwillingness to compromise has been at the heart of the Arab leadership's inability to contend with Zionism from the time of the First Aliyah. Nothing has changed in this regard except the rationalizing rhetoric, which has evolved in two discreet and contradictory paths in response to two groups of supporters: the European and American left on the one hand, and the Muslim masses on the other. The European and American left produce and consume the rhetoric of a peace movement and remain largely oblivious to the violent fantasies of eliminationist anti-Zionism which dominate the media in the Muslim world. Sadly, these two sets of rhetoric frequently replace the facts in public debate. That's why you should click on the link below.

from Elder of Ziyon: More proof that Palestinian Arabs don't want a state

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