Friday, August 15, 2008

Anti-Obama smear author on racist radio

Swiftboat smear monger Jerome Corsi is flogging his scurrilous anti-Obama screed in such friendly forums as the Sean Hannity radio show and the Sean Hannity TV show, where he accused Obama of supporting infanticide. More about that in a future post, but chew on this for now: Corsi's had a friendly interview on the overtly racist, anti-Semitic show Political Cesspool, previously a forum for neo-Nazis, neo-confederates and the Klan. He fits right in. In fact, he's scheduled another interview for Sunday, Aug. 17.

Read the following and then tell me what Mary Matalin is doing promoting and publishing this guy and even touting his "scholarship". I saw a Republican flack on the Larry King show going so far as to claim that Corsi wasn't associated with the Republicans. He's not? They're just publishing and promoting him as they did with the 2004 swfitboating book.

The Republicans must clearly and emphatically disavow the racist anti-Semitic Corsi and stop using neo-Nazi radio shows to promote their views. More on this to come.

, from Hatewatch | Southern Poverty Law Center:

Perhaps Corsi’s most telling appearance, however, has been on The Political Cesspool, an overtly racist, anti-Semitic radio show hosted by self-avowed white nationalist James Edwards. Corsi was interviewed on the Cesspool on July 20 and is scheduled to appear again this Sunday, August 17, joining a recent guest roster that has included Christian Identity pastor Pete Peters, Holocaust denier Mark Weber and former Klan boss David Duke.

Along with promoting Corsi’s appearances, Edwards is boasting on his website that the three-hour weekly show will join the Republic Broadcasting Network in September. This conspiracy-minded network, heard via satellite and the web, features talk about a sinister “New World Order” and wild theories about the causes of 9/11. Shows that air on the network include The Piper Report, named after host Michael Collins Piper, who has contributed to the holocaust denial magazine The Barnes Review, and Mark Dankof’s America, which has interviewed Weber, director of the Institute for Historical Review, a leading Holocaust denial group.

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