Thursday, June 28, 2007

More from the Ron Paul Library: opposing violence against Israel "endorses a foreign policy that I do not endorse"

Here's what Dr. Paul said on the floor of the House of Representatives on Dec. 5, 2001:

Mr. Speaker, I rise in opposition to the resolution and not, obviously, because it condemns violence. We all condemn the violence. But there is more to this resolution than just condemning the violence. I have a problem with most resolutions like this because it endorses a foreign policy that I do not endorse, and it does that by putting on unecessary demands. So the demands part of this resolution is the part that I object to, not the condemnation of violence. By doing this, we serve to antagonize.

read it here: Ron Paul Library, Ongoing Violence in Israel and Palestine

Here's the resolution he was so strongly opposed to (from the House of Representatives website):

H.Con.Res. 280—Expressing solidarity with Israel in the fight against terrorism (Hyde)
Order of Business: The resolution is scheduled to be considered on Wednesday, December
5th, under a motion to suspend the rules and pass the bill.
Summary: H.Con.Res. 280 would resolve that Congress:
· “condemns the vicious terrorist murders of 26 civilians in Israel within 14 hours
during December 1–2, 2001, and extends its deepest sympathies to the Israeli nation
and to the families of the victims;”
· “expresses outrage at the ongoing Palestinian terrorist campaign and insists that the
Palestinian Authority take all steps necessary to end it;”
· “demands, specifically, that the Palestinian Authority take action immediately to:
--destroy the infrastructure of Palestinian terrorist groups
--pursue and arrest terrorists whose incarceration has been called for by Israel;
--either prosecute such terrorists, provide convicted terrorists with the stiffest
possible punishment, and ensure that those convicted remain in custody for
the full duration of their sentences; OR render all arrested terrorists to the
Government of Israel for prosecution;”
· urges the President to suspend all relations with Yasir Arafat and the Palestinian
Authority if they fail to take the actions described above;
· “further urges the President to insist that all countries harboring, materially supporting,
or acquiescing in the private support of Palestinian terrorist groups, end all such
support, dismantle the infrastructure of such groups, and bring all terrorists within its
borders to justice;” and
· “expresses the solidarity of the United States with Israel in our common struggle
against the scourge of terrorism.”
Additional Background: The resolution would also point out that in addition to the 26
civilians killed by Palestinian terrorist attacks on the first two days of December, 175 Israelis
were wounded. Proportionally, these figures would be the equivalent of 1200 deaths and
8000 wounded in the United States.
Cost to Taxpayers: The resolution would authorize no expenditure.

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