Thursday, June 28, 2007

Daring escape from Auschwitz revealed

Slovakian Jew, Alfred Wetzler, escaped the Nazi concentration camp with his friend Rudolf Vrba in 1944 and smuggled a ground plan of it to Allied forces.

The map was used by Winston Churchill to order the bombings of government buildings in Hungary, killing Nazi officials in charge of deporting Jews to Auschwitz.

It showed details of gas chambers, crematoriums and a label from a Zyklon gas canister inside the camp.

Wetzler was arrested in Slovakia in 1942 by the Nazis and was held in Auschwitz for two years before escaping and hiding under a woodpile for four days until a search for him was called off.
The book, Escape from Hell: The True Story of the Auschwitz Protocol, was originally written in 1963 in Slovakian but only recently translated.

He writes, “It is incredible how tough human life can be, how quickly a person, even with a broken arm, a dislocated foot, a broken head, and bitten by dogs, will do what is asked of him when over him hangs the cudgel waved by the good will of the Reich.”

More about the story will be told later this week...

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