Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Obama: more pressure on Iran needed - Haaretz - Israel News

Obama to Haaretz: more pressure on Iran needed

Democratic Senator Barak Obama of Illinois, a leading candidate for the Presidency, told Haaretz in an exclusive interview that "Iran continues to be a major threat to the U.S. and its allies".

Obama reiterated his position that the U.S. should engage Iran in direct talks, but explained that these should be "low level talks" until there's "some sense of progress" such as voluntary freezing on the enrichment of uranium. Obama expressed a 'sense of urgency' and stated that the current pressure on Iran 'is not enough?.

A new bill, sponsored by Obama in the Senate, will require the federal government to publish a list of companies that have an investment of more than $20 million in the Iranian energy sector. It will authorize local governments to divest their pension funds from companies on the list and protect managers from lawsuits directed at them by investors who are unhappy with the decision to divest.

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