Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Not exactly the Merv Griffin Show

lgf: Iranian Talk Show From Hell

Muhammad Nimr Al-Madani: "The secret about which few people talk today is that Europe wanted to get rid of the Jews. The Jews in Europe – and I emphasize Europe - were not very popular. Therefore, in order to get rid of the European Jews, the European countries had to accept the Zionist plan that was formulated, and to agree to the transfer of Jews to Palestine. Hitler agreed to this and agreed to the transfer of these Jews to Madagascar. This was Hitler’s idea, in order to create a Jewish state on Syrian land. When Hitler occupied territories in East Europe, the idea of establishing a homeland and a state for these Jews arose. But the Europeans did not agree to this, because both Germany and England were each searching for ways to get rid of their Jews. Therefore, Hitler was falsely accused of committing genocide against the Jews. This is a lie, and we know full well that Hitler never did such a thing. It was a premeditated lie by the Zionist regime."

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