Friday, May 11, 2007

More evidence concerning Japan sex slaves duirng WW2

Int this extremely cautiously worded article, BBC reports on new evidence concerning sex slavery at the hands of the Japanese Imperial Army during World War 2. Of course, this isn't REALLY new. This material has been available for 60 years. Sadly, indifference over this subject has led to a repugnant historical revisionism denying Japan's culpability in this matter.

BBC NEWS | Asia-Pacific | 'New proof' of Japan sex slaves:

Reports from Japan say documents have been found that suggest the Japanese forced women to work as sex slaves during World War II.

They come from the Dutch government archives and include the testimony of a 27-year-old Dutch woman from May 1946.

The Kyodo news agency says the documents show women were coerced into prostitution in occupied Indonesia.

Japan's PM Shinzo Abe had claimed no evidence existed to prove that women had been forced to work as sex slaves.

The documents are reported to have been found by a Japanese journalist investigating Japan's wartime crimes in Asia.

'Comfort women'

The Dutch woman's testimony says she had her clothes ripped off her by Japanese military police.

She says she was taken to a brothel and forced to work as a prostitute, despite her efforts to resist.

That testimony, it is claimed, was submitted to the Tokyo War Crimes Tribunal as evidence of forced mass prostitution in Magelang, in what is now Central Java, in 1944.

Other documents are said to include further allegations that the Japanese forced women into prostitution.

Earlier this year Prime Minister Abe said that investigations had failed to find any documentary evidence that the Japanese authorities in wartime had issued orders to soldiers to coerce women into sex slavery.

He said though that he stood by a Japanese government apology to the women, known in Japan as "comfort women".

The journalist who found these documents says they contradict the prime minister's denial that the authorities were directly involved in coercion.

The Japanese Foreign Ministry says it is aware of his claims but has not seen the documents so cannot comment on what they might contain.

It says the Japanese government has investigated its wartime activities in Indonesia thoroughly and acknowledges and apologises for the country's wartime use of sex slaves.

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