Thursday, January 4, 2007

UK Denies Asylum to, Delays Deportation of, Orphans of Jewish Murder Victims

Teenage twin sisters who witnessed the murder of their policeman father told of their relief after the Home Office deferred plans to deport them back to Kyrgyzstan.
Kamila and Karina Kaya, 18, who fled the former Soviet Republic in fear of their lives after both their parents were killed, fear that they would be forced into prostitution or murdered themselves if they had to return.

But after a campaign by members of the Jewish community of Birmingham and a last-ditch intervention by the Israeli Embassy just hours before they were due to be removed from the UK on Tuesday, the Home Office delayed their deportation for seven weeks. Authorities in Israel have agreed in principle to let the girls make aliyah and are now just waiting to see their birth certificates before giving them the green light to move there.


According to the BBC, the twins are being held in a detention center in England.

Express your support for the twins. Send a message to the UK Home Office:

and to Member of Parliament Liam Byrne, Minister of State for nationality, citizenship and immigration:


Good news via the Birmingham Mail!

"TWINS Karina and Kamila Kaya have been released from a grim detention centre and were due back in Birmingham today pending a final decision on their fate.

They have won a stay of execution after the Birmingham Mail highlighted the plight of the 18-year-olds facing deportation to their native Kyrgystan."

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