Friday, January 19, 2007

FOX poll: 62% of Republicans support Iraq escalation, only 48% of Republicans believe it will work

OK...Everyone else is headlining Bush's low popularity numbers, lower in fact than Cheney's. The interesting thing to me is that most Republicans aren't convinced that the current escalation plan will work, and that, in spite of that, most of them support it anyway.

Here are the numbers broken down by party affiliation:

14. Do you support or oppose sending additional U.S. troops to Iraq to help
stabilize the country?
Support 36%, Oppose 59%, Don’t know 6%
Democrats: Support 14%, Oppose 79%, Don’t know 7%
Republicans: Support 62%, Oppose 31%, Don’t know 6%
Independents: Support 36%,Oppose 59%, Don’t know 5%

15. Do you think sending about 22,000 additional U.S. troops increases or
decreases the likelihood of stabilizing the situation in Iraq, or will it not
make much difference?
Increases 27%, Decreases 15%, No difference 52%, Don’t know 6%
Democrats: Increases 10%, Decreases 25%, No difference 61%, Don’t know 4%
Republicans: Increases 48%, Decreases 3%, No difference 42%, Don’t know 8%
Independents: Increases 30%, Decreases 16%, No difference 50%,Don’t know 5%


Will Parbury said...

This "escalation" will make no difference as an extra 20k troops will take them up to where they have been twice before in terms of numbers. It's an utter utter disaster.

Adam Holland said...

I agree that the war in Iraq is a disaster. This escalation seems entirely political -- designed to seem as if the administration is reacting to worsening conditions.


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