Thursday, January 4, 2007

German Locals Block 'Nazi Centre'

A neo-Nazi organization that was poised to purchase a hotel in a town in Germany and turn it into a "eugenics indoctrination centre" has been outbid by local residents.
People in Delmenhorst near Bremen held bake sales and staged fund-raising barbecues to scrape together money (EUR 3m) to thwart a rich neo-Nazi lawyer's organisation from buying property in their town.

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The small German city of Delmenhorst in Lower Saxony has paid an overinflated price for a vacant hotel to keep neo-Nazis from using it as a right-wing center.
On Wednesday, Delmenhorst City Council paid three million euros ($4 million) for the Hotel am Stadtpark. Nearly a third of the money was collected by the city's 75,000 residents to stop the neo-Nazis moving into town.

Delmenhorst's mayor, Patrick de La Lanne, described the purchase as a victory.

"We did it!. We have kept the Nazis out of our town," La Lanne said.
Delmenhorst residents fought the supposed plans by a well-known far-right lawyer J├╝rgen Rieger to buy the vacant hotel and convert it into a meeting point and training site for neo-Nazi groups.

Rieger reportedly offered 3.4 million euros for the site. The hotel's vendor was persuaded to accept slightly less from the civic-action group.

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