Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Ron Paul Institute issues Ukraine conspiracy theory

"By installing a puppet regime in Ukraine, the US Empire (intended to) gain control over Crimea and, by implication, Russia’s longtime military bases in Crimea."
Read the rest here: Ukraine and the Deferential Press


Anonymous said...

What's up Traitor JewBoy?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link - an interesting article

I assume you agree with it as you offer no alternative interpretation.

Here's another one for you - this time from Ron Paul himself.


The resolution (paragraph 13) demands a withdrawal of Russia forces from Ukraine even though the US government has provided no evidence the Russian army was ever in Ukraine. This paragraph also urges the government in Kiev to resume military operations against the eastern regions seeking independence


Do you support military operations against regions seeking independence?

I Will Not Get The Jab said...

This Adam Holland character seems to be under the belief that Central banks are good for the economy. In another of his poorly written articles that debased RT, he writes:
"Central banks exist to manage the money supply in order to stabilize currencies and encourage steady economic growth."
Does he seriously believe that say the Fed Reserve Bank has done this for the U.S.?
Bankruptcy in '33.
Way too many bubbles since then have caused way to many dips in the economy.
The 70s?
Central banks are established to do the opposite of what people are led to believe. The Cabal used the American's fear of Wall Street to pass the Fed Res Act of 1913. They created the depression that led to FDR's new deal.
The Rothschilds are not good people.


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