Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Iranian state-run TV: "American Zionists incubating another Hitler"

Iranian state-run Press TV, the regime's English language propaganda channel, reports that the Jewish community in the US is planning a genocidal war which will result in world domination. They quote an anonymous Jewish source as saying:

“You goyim are destined to slavery because you have all the attributes of a slave race. Look around you and take note of what you nominally Christian Americans and Europeans have become: semi-literate, uncultured, philistine, easily led and credulous, irrational, subject to propaganda and the pleasure principle, television-addicted, enervated by alcohol, stultified by drugs, brutalized by pornography… as the sewage of Hollywood spreads its slime over the golden cornfields and shining towers of a once Christian country, there is nothing much to live for except sex and death.”
Read the rest here:
PressTV - American Zionists incubating another Hitler

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