Monday, June 20, 2011

Libyans barred from Cynthia McKinney speech hosted by ANSWER (VIDEO)

Cynthia McKinney has started a nationwide tour sponsored by the ANSWER coalition centering on opposition to the NATO intervention in Libya.  Although ANSWER may deny it, McKinney supports Qaddafi and her tour is an expression of that support. On June 16, she gave the first of the talks in L.A. Not everyone on the ANSWER mailing list was allowed to enter, however. Members of the Libyan community of the L.A. area were barred from attending by a bouncer who told them that they "seemed like they might cause trouble". The smirking bouncer was unmoved as the Libyans told him of unarmed family members who had been shot by Qaddafi's thugs before the NATO intervention started. When the Libyans told him that they have supported both McKinney and ANSWER in the past (specifically with respect to their anti-Israel activism), but now differ with them on Libya, the bouncer expressed skepticism, muttering "I've never seen you before at any of our events".

McKinney seems to be carrying out her promise to bring Qaddafi-style democracy to the U.S.

Video: Libyans prevented from entering Cynthia McKinney's talk hosted by ANSWER LA |

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