Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Responding to Palestine Papers, supporters of both PA and al-Jazeera make the same charge

Al-Jazeera and the Palestinian Authority are at odds now over the publication of the so-called Palestine Papers, 1600 documents concerning PA negotiations with Israel. These documents (purportedly) reveal that PA negotiators have privately made offers to the Israelis that far exceed what they have discussed in public. Nothing revealed thus far in these documents seems especially surprising, but the PA has responded to their publication by raiding the al-Jazeera bureau in Ramallah.

Max Blumenthal, in a blog post about this supporting al-Jazeera, calls the Palestinian Authority "U.S. and Israel-funded", oddly neglecting that the PA is also funded by the E.U., Saudi Arabia, the Islamic Development Bank, Algeria, other Arab states, the U.N., the World Bank, and innumerable NGO's.  (Read here and, in pdf, here.) That more nuanced and more accurate picture of PA funding might detract from Blumenthal's zero-sum approach to the conflict.  (Does Blumenthal actually object to U.S. funding of the PA, or just find it convenient for the sake of his argument?.)

Meanwhile, Fatah supporters protested outside the al-Jazeera offices carrying a sign with an inverse zero-sum view of the situation.  (Sorry for that mixed mathematical metaphor.)  They charged al-Jazeera with being part of a Zionist conspiracy.  (Read here.)

Elsewhere, protesters burned Israeli flags which substituted the al-Jazeera logo for the Star of David. (Via Elder of Zion.)

It seems that some charges are simply too convenient not to be used.


Oh Crap said...

He is anti-nationalist in theory, but anti-Israel in practice.

Funny, isn't it, how people who lay claim to supposed anti-nationalism only claim to be anti-nationalist using one nation as their example/target. One nation, and one nation, only.

No other country's "nationalism" bugs them, or is cause for their activism, none.

They are full of ollocks.

Adam Holland said...

The previous comment applies to this post concerning Richard A. Falk: click here.


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