Monday, January 17, 2011

Hamas Witchhunt: 150 Women Arrested in Gaza

What's life like in Gaza under the rule of Hamas?

In 2010, the Hamas regime in Gaza conducted a literal witchhunt in which they arrested 150 women. According to news reports, women arrested as witches are forced to sign confessions and statements renouncing witchcraft. In connection with the witchhunt, the regime has placed large anti-witchcraft posters at mosques, universities and at government offices. These posters warn women against occult practices and give helpful information to Gaza residents wishing to accuse their neighbors of the crime.

The issue emerged again in August last year when a 62-year-old woman, Jabryieh Abu Ghanas, considered to be active in the field of ''witchcraft'' and the production of ''voodoo dolls'', was shot dead in a street in the centre of Gaza. This murder caused great alarm in the Palestinian human rights defence organisations al-Mezan and PCHR-Gaza (Palestinian Center for Human Rights).

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