Sunday, June 6, 2010

Ron Paul supporters react to Helen Thomas comments

Helen Thomas has been roundly criticized for her statement (subsequently retracted) advocating that Jews be ethnically cleansed from Israel.  But this is not that case at the Daily Paul, the house organ of the the Ron Paul campaign. (Read here.) As you can read below, the Ron Paul supporters who commented on this subject at the Daily Paul expressed support for Thomas' comment that Israeli Jews "go back to Germany and Poland".  (NOTE: I shouldn't have to point out, but I do, that more than half of Israel's Jews were born in Israel, and most of the rest were born in North Africa or the Middle East).   The people who read the Daily Paul not only agreed with Thomas' bigoted comment,  claiming her as a part of "the liberty movement", they went on to up the ante and use it as an opportunity to promote the myth of Khazar descent, then segue directly into Holocaust denial.  They also took the opportunity to post links to several bigoted YouTube videos in the process.  Nice crowd at the Daily Paul.

This was

linked on the drudge report. The liberty movement is becoming more main stream every day.

Helen should have said: " go

Helen should have said: " go back to Khazaria!"

Ooooh! They would flip out

if she ever said that.
They don't really want anyone to know about that.
I'm sure that it's really getting their goats that the word is getting out.
All they can do is scream their ad-hominem BS, and hope not many people catch on.


For anyone who knows their history on how modern day Israel got to be modern day Israel...Helen is right.
If it weren't again due to the U S meddling via Harry Truman there would be no modern day Israel. It would still belong to the Palestinian people.
Instead the Palestinians have been pushed off their land and relegated to a small patch of earth controlled by the Israeli government who decide what they are allowed to have and what they are not allowed to have.
How many Americans would put up with this treatment?

The 6 was a planned #, part of prophecy

and they then determined million would be the right amount afterward. WW2 was not the first time it was attempted.
Be careful, if you are writing from certain EU countries, you can do felony prison time for what you just said. Did you know that? When they make discussing scientific evidence about the Holocaust a felony, you know they are SCARED about the truth getting out. So many lies were exposed after the Nuremberg trials, and Soviet controlled territory was the only thing that prevented the rest of the camps to be examined earlier and proven that the #'s were way exaggerated.
Oh why not, I know in my heart some of you are ready and can look beyond me and my antics, and I know the more learned of you knew before me. By the way, this video has Alex Jones and other names in it, but whomever posted the video must have put them there just for hits. Good research for anyone who hasn't seen the this, called "One Third of the Holocaust", and if you haven't seen enough evidence yet, I'm fairly sure you will after this.

correct me if I am wrong but

correct me if I am wrong but didn't the 6 million number get floated around after WWI along with the notions of human skin lamps and soap made of human fat?
I started watching your video though I don't know if I have time to watch the whole thing.

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the_last_name_left said...

Yes, funny how Troofers and Holocaust deniers sound so alike.

Maybe something to do with them being all the same people? :)


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