Tuesday, June 29, 2010

French Nazi collaborators to be exposed as official reports published online

from the Mail Online:

Thousands of French people who collaborated with the Nazis are to be unmasked as secret files from 70 years ago are finally made public. The records, which include information passed on to the Gestapo by those who lived during the Occupation of 1940-44, will be published online. The archive will give survivors and their relatives an opportunity to discover what happened to their loved ones - and if any countrymen played a part in their betrayal.

Since the liberation of Paris, all documentation relating to the Second World War has been kept in cardboard boxes in the basement of the city's Police Museum. A museum spokesman said: 'They include notes from interrogations, as well as information passed on to the authorities willingly.' The archive includes every police log from stations across France, as well as details of every arrest, fine and interview.

In addition to shedding light on the work of the Gestapo across France, the files will illuminate the role of the Brigade Speciale, which tracked down resistance fighters and other 'enemies' of the Nazi regime.

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