Friday, April 2, 2010

Armed militia participation in the Rand Paul for Senate campaign

Following up on my earlier post about mutual support between the Hutaree Militia and the Ron Paul / Rand Paul campaigns, here's something that should have been included in that post.  The video below is from last Saturday's pro-gun rally at the State Capitol Building in Frankfort, Kentucky, at which the featured speaker was Rand Paul who's running for the Republican nomination for U.S. Senator.  The video features a speaker accompanied on the dais by several men heavily armed men dressed in camouflage fatigues with Rand Paul stickers.  They are not with the police or military.  They are members of the Ohio Valley Freedom Fighters Militia ("OVFF").  The speaker describes himself as a "colonel" of that organization.  Watch this:

Think about this quote from that speech by the "Colonel" (via Barefoot and Progressive):

"This latest forced health care bill, which is really about people control, the same thing as gun control, is the modern day equivalent of the 1765 Stamp Act, its only more disastrous to our freedom, living, way of life, etc… History it seems is ready to repeat itself. After a long and costly civil war that is imminent and sure to be forced upon us, we are taking note of those who are responsible for the treason, and they will be held accountable. I advise the press to start getting it right from this moment on, and stop aiding and abetting un-American activities. Like the Tories of old, the worst shall be hung,"

The "Freedom Fighters" cite as a hero and inspiration Charlie Puckett.  (Read here.)   Puckett was the leader of the Kentucky Militia and one of the key figures in the militia movement until he was brought up on weapons charges for possessing machine guns and pipe bombs.  He later threatened a witness and was charged with felonious witness intimidation.  He copped a plea, went on the lam briefly, then turned himself in to serve a 30-month sentence.   (Read here.)  In spite of his crimes, the OVFF still boast of having worked with Puckett. (Read here.)

In 2001, Puckett told his followers to learn "where every socialist lives, works, etc.," adding that "sooner or later, they will need a big hug and kiss as in Waco." (Read here.)  That same year, Steve Anderson, one of his followers, opened fire on a cop who had pulled his car over for having a broken tail light. After a car chase, Anderson escaped and has been at large, considered armed and dangerous, ever since.   Searches of his abandoned car and home revealed pipe bombs and a vast arsenal of other weapons.  Anderson is an adherent of the Christian Identity movement, which teaches that Jews are descendants of Satan.  Prior to his escape, he promoted these beliefs in a radio program called "The Milita Hour".  He also used that radio program to advocate killing federal agents.  (Read here.)

In the pre-Obama era, the Ohio Valley Freedom Fighters Milita seemed to make silly dirty tricks a specialty.  Their website boasts that (read here):

"We were involved in many operations in the 1990's, mainly PSYOPS, the most noteworthy was when we infiltrated the radical gun banning group, and the Ky. chapter of Handgun Control, Inc [Sarah Bradley’s people] .Two of our members was assigned to run their booth at the Ky. State fair, where we promptly turned it into a militia recruiting booth."

But they grew increasingly ugly in the Bush years, and have taken a turn toward armed demonstrations and veiled threats of violence since President Obama took office.  In September, OVFF members roamed around a Louisville teaparty rally dressed in camouflage fatigues, reportedly armed with AK-47s and handguns. That rally was filled with racist images of President Obama, images of him as anti-Christ and tyrant, and placards and speeches charging that the country was becoming communist -- the ugly stuff seen at many if not most of the teaparties. (Read here.)

With the atmosphere of the teaparty movement in mind, let's remember what OVFF people advocate.  They say that they have the constitutional right to take military action against the federal government when it acts in ways they define as tyrannical.  Those ways include the normal business of the federal government.  They take an oath to act on a war footing with the federal government, under certain conditions, in order to "to return America to the Constitutional Republic our forefathers envisioned". (Read here). Elsewhere, by publishing an absurd bill of particulars written by an Indiana militia leader, they say these conditions now exist (read here).  That document, which calls state governments "quislings" of the federal government and warns that we are under the control of the "Bilderbergers", should be read to get a sense of the sheer insanity of this group.   They also take an oath to resist federal and state enforcement of a wide range of laws, specifically those limiting weapons possession.

Now add to that the violent anti-Obama backlash of the teabag movement; the fear that their weapons will be confiscated, the fear of communism, or Muslims, or the Illuminati; and the Hutaree Militia arrests.  Add to that the legitimization of paranoia by allegedly mainstream figures like Glenn Beck, Ron Paul, Michelle Bachman, and now Rand Paul.  Ominously, Ohio Valley Freedom Fighters Militia currently declare themselves to be on high alert for "imminent enemy action", prepared to do battle with the federal government or other enemy with only  two hours warning, or as they call it, "Code Orange".  (Read here and look for color code here..)

Watching this militia parade around Rand Paul's pro-gun, anti-Obama rally in Frankfort last weekend with their AK-47s, I get the sense that Rand Paul's senatorial campaign is so deeply irresponsible and reckless as to be a public menace.  How can the front-running candidate for U.S. Senate from Kentucky work hand in glove with advocates of armed insurrection?

(HAT TIP: Barefoot and Progressive.  Images found at the Ron Paul Forums / Rand Paul Forums.)

UPDATE (4/4/10):  Members of the OVFF militia used a January 30 Rand Paul rally in Louisville to recruit new members. (Read here.)   According to their internet forum, militia members attended the rally in their full militia regalia to seek new members by handing out literature and business cards.  The rally took place at the Kentucky Fair and Expo Center, and included speeches by both Rand Paul and Ron Paul.  (Read here.)  According to the posting on the OVFF website, the militia contacted the Rand Paul campaign and got permission from them to pass out flyers at the entrance to the rally site, and to limit their recruiting inside the rally to passing out business cards.

Is anyone else going to this? If so the ORP (objective rally point) is throntons at 4309 crittenden drive, we need everyone at the ORP by 15:00 hours to meet up, tickets to get in are $25 dollars a piece, I talked to a guy from the Rand Paul campaign on the phone and he said we can't pass out flyers on the event grounds but thats fine off the event grounds so We'll probably pass out flyers outside of the event before it starts then go in when it starts. We can also pass out personal business cards on the premises (thats not flyers, but cards with your name and number)

Bring a pen and paper for this.

We need everyone in uniform and looking sharp.

More Details to follow.

A subsequent posting on the website indicates that OVFF members not only handed our flyers at the rally decked out in their militia uniforms and went inside dressed that way, they also met and were photographed with both Ron Paul and Rand Paul. (Read here.)

UPDATE (4/8/10):
At 2:52 of the below-embedded video, Rand Paul comments on armed militia particiaption at the Frankfort gun rights rally at which he spoke. He claims that he didn't hear what they said there, and that he rejects their call for violence including hanging journalists who disagree with them.  He fails to comment, however, on why he thinks it appropriate for them to participate in his campaign rallies, or for him to share a stage with them.

With respect to the OVFF militia's connections to the Hutaree Militia, look at the following screen shot of the OVFF myspace page.  Note the friends listed in the lower right hand portion of the page.


Anonymous said...

I think you have it all wrong, and are jumping on the media bandwagon. These militia were exercising their rights to assemble, right of free speech, and right to bear arms. It seems that people of your ilk are only ok with the rights given by the founders if it meets your secular agenda.
While there are bad apples in every type of group, no matter what type, there are also good people too.
I was at the rally in frankfort and had a chance to speak with several of the ovff. I went to the most intimadating ones with helmets and body armor. They were down to earth well manored men with a passion for freedom and liberty, including for people who don't agree with them.
Also i asked of their wepons and anyone that knows about guns should know this, a full auto is a machine gun, semi auto is not.
By you misrepresenting them as carring machineguns you intend to install fear and mistrust with the public which they wish to protect.
Being former military and having served my country a bleed for my country, i see you blasting a group by taking the scary words or actions of a few and in turn demonizing a whole group.
Shame on you and your narrow minded bigotous views.
If i had both legs still i would join, and i think there is a hell of alot of americans who are doing that.

Nikki said...

Adam - it appears that the apple does not really fall too far from the tree. Remember what we all went through with the Paulites when Daddy was running.

Anonymous said...

Please make note that this had nothing to do with Rand Paul it was a second amendment rally with many speaker besides Mr Paul.
People were there to support the 2nd amemdment it just so happened Mr Paul was there.
Good job of trying to sterotype me as a paulite or whatever, but i will label my self and not give you the power to do so.
I dont yet have an opion on Rand and didn't vote for his daddy.
This is the problem of communication we face in America today, you hear and see what you want.
Do you honestly believe that any politicians have your or my best intrest in mind?
Apparently youve never served your country and get your political views from mtv and nickeloden.
Use the brain god gave you to look past the spin for the truth, only then can we prosper as a nation.


So, unless you plan on taking away our right to keep and bear arms, train to protect ourselves, assemble to speak out against tyranny, and STOP COMMIES? then why do you fear US so? Wanna sit down for a cup of TEA? maybe I can change your mind.,

Col.Kevin Terrell

knocker said...

We weren't there to support any candidate for any office. We were there to show our support for our god given right to keep and bear arms, the right to assemble, and the right of free speech. The militia is here to protect your rights, even the ones you don't care enough about to exercise or protect. We don't say we have the right to take military action against the government, The Constitution says that when the government is no longer beneficial to the people, we the people have the power to abolish it. We do not "take an oath to resist federal and state enforcement of a wide range of laws, specifically those limiting weapons possession" as you say, we take an oath to defend the Constitution against those who wish to harm or destroy it. You obviously did your research on us, so quit using your artists license in writing, and report the facts, don't twist them to serve your own agenda. Oh, yea, and you sir, need an editor and an education, this article is so full of spelling and word errors, that a 5th grader could proofread it, if you're going to write an article, at least take the time to proofread it if you expect to be credible.

Anonymous said...

support of freedom comes in many forms, weather it be politician, freedom fighter, or just a citizian. We must remember, we cant do any thing about the past...
But we can change the future.
If we look around we see things changing at a rapid rate. There will be a day People will have to make a stand for what they beleave.
I ask what is a Militia?
I was able to find it in KRS.37

Anonymous said...

First some corrections. They were carrying AR-15's in the picture. SEMI-Automatic, NOT Automatic weapons. It was a second amendment rally. ( You know the second amendment, it comes after the first amendment, The one that guarantees your right to speech and still get the facts wrong. ) Most if not all of the crowd was armed. It was not a Rand Paul rally, There were many speakers there who you have chosen to omit from your blog.

The OVFF constitutional militia was not there for Rand Paul. They were there to support the second amendment. Facts can be easily and readily distorted, bent, and slightly modified to fit anyones perspective. As you prove so well in your blog. Next time sit down with the group you are targeting and speak with them before you label them. I am sure most would be willing to talk to you. I believe the Col has even invited you for a cup of tea.



I said the 1765 SYAMP ACT...get your facts right...Traitor! Why do you hate the American way and Constitution so much?

Col. Kevin Terrell

P. S. Terrell has TWO [L]'s

Anonymous said...

I said the 1765 STAMP ACT...get it right. Why do you hate the AMerican way and Constitution so much ?

Col.Kevin Terrell

BTW: TERRELL has two [L]'s

Anonymous said...

The OVFF goes to a lot of events to recruit. Is there a problem with this? It seems that you have something personal against ron paul/rand paul. If so, please keep it factual and between you two. The ovff is a non-political group.

The addition to your blog taken from the OVFF forum is correct. Rand paul held a rally in louisville and a couple of members went to recruit. Big Deal. I don't know about you, but many people like to have their pictures taken with celebrities. If Will Shatner comes to town let me know, I'd love to get one with him.

On another note, the OVFF member that went and passed out the flyers, it was his decision. He was not asked to do it by the OVFF.


Anonymous said...


Rand Paul's people put stickers on us, a mistake we won't repeat. We were there for the 2nd amendment, not Mr. Paul.

Also you and your bluebluegrass and barefootprogresive friend are trying to pin death threat to the media on us?
I rember hearing that the media needs to get it right, and that traitors to the constution should be hung.
Do you and your friends suggest that infact the media are tratiors?
Next time you make an update try not to distort the facts as you have.
I rember reading a blog of yours railing about someone that had distorted what you wrote.
Hypocricy is hyporicy. I would have thought you of all people would have known that.

Matt said...

Thanks for this post, Adam. It's pretty obvious that there are broad areas of agreement among the gun rights extremists, the Ron/Rand Paul campaign, and the militia crowd, and that this stew of fringe-y far right elements is what is animating the tea party movement, even if most of the ordinary tea partiers don't necessarily agree with their extremist views.

The key to countering the far right is to keep exposing them, and to keep challenging the more moderate part of the tea partiers and Republicans to either defend the far right or to help the rest of us marginalize them.

Anonymous said...

these people are muy loco

Anonymous said...

What is there to expose in these people? It seems to me they dont mind that you talk about them...just as long as you get the facts straight.

I think everyone should practice their amendment rights whenever they can...otherwise, you may lose them.


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