Thursday, April 8, 2010

McKinney left-right convergence watch: publishes 9/11 truth column at Lew Rockwell website

As part of my ongoing watch of Cynthia McKinney's increasing work with the political right, here's a link to her most recent column, Leaders' Lack of Respect for Rule of Law Makes Us All Victims of 9/11, which is posted at Lew Rockwell's website. Rockwell is best known as the longtime chief advisor to Ron Paul, the chairman of the Ludwig von Mises Institute and as a libertarian/paleo-conservative commentator.  His purported ghost-writing of several years worth of racist columns signed by Ron Paul and published in Paul's newsletter (which Paul later claimed not to have noticed) was the focus of controversy during the 2008 presidential campaign.  (Read here.) 

In her column on Rockwell's website, McKinney asserts that

President Obama defend(s) war, erosion of civil and human rights, creation of the police state, ignoring the US Constitution and the norms of international law.

She also states that

All of us in the peace community, who stand for justice and human dignity, have become victims of 9/11... And sadly, the entire global community that expects national leaders to respect the rule of law and tell them the truth are now victims of 9/11.

The column concludes by asserting that the facts believed by the general public concerning 9/11 are in fact falsehoods deliberately promoted by the Bush administration, asking the rhetorical question

Why must the world continue to live inside a lie? I remain hopeful that we will learn the truth because more and more people around the world are demanding it.


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