Friday, March 12, 2010

Rockford Institute publishes hate column by Taki Theodoracopulos

Chronicles Magazine, which is published by the Rockford Institute, has published a grossly bigoted column by the aged paleo-conservative columnist Taki Theodoracopulos. You can read it in its entirety if you want here: Sachs of Gold . Here are three choice quotes:

Wall Street Sammy Glicks invented new ways to screw the public and further enrich themselves.

And this on Lehman Brothers CEO Richard Fuld:

Actually, he’s a very homely, simian-looking Jew who couldn’t punch his way out of a nursery, but such are the joys of Wall Street legends.

After detailing the misdeeds committed by various Jews associated with the financial crisis, Theodoracopulos concludes:

Greenspan, Cohen, Blankfein, Rubin, Fuld—the list goes on. If ever you hear of some Anglo-Saxon name taking over Wall Street, make sure to plunge in. But don’t hold your breath.

Thanks Taki for diagnosing the cause of the financial crisis and give such sound advice. When investing, remember to avoid those simian-looking Jews.

(I get the sense that Chronicles may not be very widely read. The column has elicited only 6 comments. Feel free to drop by and share your thoughts about the column with their readership.)

UPDATE (9/7/2010): Oddly, this little post is getting some traffic. Readers might be interested to read the comments Taki's bigoted commentary elicited. Here they are:

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1.1 Comment by Dan on 8 March 2010:

I believe Taki’s a fan of Spengler, who said something like, these people will finally create money out of thin air and end up “tricking a profit” off every last piece of honest work on the planet. I can attest to the clannishness of the Chosen on the Street from my days as a municipal bond broker. Their collusion and conspiracy are right in everyone’s face, but no one dares open his mouth. “You’ll never work in this town again” speaks more about Wall Street than it ever did about Hollywood.

2.2 Comment by Miles Gloriosus on 8 March 2010:

In 17th century England Mr. Blankfein would have been boiled in oil (literally) for his financial chicanery. Caroline England was clearly a more enlightened place than our own.

3.3 Comment by Andrew Stanton on 9 March 2010:

Let us not forget that two of the biggest villains in the saga went by the names of Mozillo and Cassano.

4.4 Comment by Toby Katz on 10 March 2010:

I used to read Taki (with great pleasure) in National Review. I had no idea he was such an ugly anti-Semite. What a crushing disappointment. The great man, William Buckley, would have booted him out if he’d known what atavistic hatred lurked in Taki’s heart.

5.5 Comment by Jon I. on 10 March 2010:

@ #4

So criticism of any Jew, no matter how criminal their action, is anti-Semitic?

By the way, if Mr. Theodoracopulos is anti-Semitic, at least he’s a fair one and doesn’t play sides in the Semitic civil war in the Levant. From what I’ve read he’s not very fond of Arabs either.

6.6 Comment by S.L. Toddard on 11 March 2010:

William F. Buckley – a “great man”?

7.7 Comment by Daniel Maxwell on 11 March 2010:

Mr Buckley’s CIA conservatism was behind the destruction of the Old Right coalition – there is nothing great about him.


Anonymous said...

I remember reading a quote from Taki several years ago saying something to the effect that he was frustrated that the Arab-Israeli conflict interfered with the nice friendship that Europeans and Americans could have had with the charming, rich, and culturally rich Arabs.

It seems that the Jews were just getting in the way.

It's shocking to see that, paleo or not, he's capable of expressing or even thinking thoughts like this.

I think the British conservative magazine Spectator actually has him as a columnist. I never read it, but the column was called "The High Life." It may still be there, for all I know. Yet there's nothing classy about comments like these.


desamor said...

I used to enjoy reading Taki's columns. No more. His insulting comments regarding other ethnicities or minorities, or his obvious jealousy of the ''nouveau riche'' (especially if they happen to be Jewish) make my stomach turn. As if he was somehow superior. He obviously bears certain ethnic groups a grudge. Doesn't manage it well, either. He's obviously a person who has never personally suffered from a racist remark against his hallowed self.

En fin. His name matches his inferior commentaries. Verily TAKY!!¡¡

desamor said...

Some more virulent comments from Taki. This time his victim is Stefan Kramer, Chairman of the Central Committee for Jews in Germany in an article regarding the none too appetizing Thilo Sarrazin, former director of the German Bundesbank. Here is the link :



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