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Cynthia McKinney increasing her ties to the racist far-right: Michael Collins Piper and Israel Shamir.

About a year ago, I wrote a number of pieces on Cynthia McKinney's increasing connections to far-right bigots such as former Prime Minister of Malaysia Tun Mahathir; his chief aide, conspiracy theory author Matthias Chang (read here and here); and Islamic Party of Britain leader David Pidcock (read here).  I also wrote about her anti-Semitic interviews with hate bloggers Daryl Bradford Smith and Noel "Ognir" Ryan (read here).   McKinney's supporters and representatives of the U.S. Green Party have defended her work with this motley crew, sometimes stating that condemning McKinney's work with them amounts to "guilt by association", acknowledging by implication that this group has some troubling beliefs or worse.  At other times, McKinney supporters have actually defended the extreme views of this group.

Now I've found two additional far right figures for whom McKinney has expressed her support and with whom she's made common cause.  I've also discovered that she's done another interview with the two hate bloggers about whom I wrote last year.

Non-denial denials

The information about McKinney's ties to Chang and Pidcock which I published here last spring appears to have been the basis at least in part for an article written by Rob Waters which was published by the Southern Poverty Law Center in their December, 2009 Intelligence Report.  (Read here.)  For that article, Waters got Scott McLarty, a Green Party official, to go on the record to deny that McKinney shared the views espoused by her far-right associates, calling such a conclusion "guilt by association".  However, McLarty failed to find any problem with a lengthy quote from Chang's book The Shadow Money Lenders which McKinney posted on a Green Party website, in which a long list of Jewish bankers were accused of plotting to destabilize the world in order to take control of it. 

Anita Stewart, a Green Party official and staffer to McKinney (during the 2008 presidential campaign and, since then, with McKinney's Dignity Action Network), posted a gnomic comment to one of my articles about McKinney's ties to Chang.  She defended McKinney's endorsement of Chang's conspiracy theories as intrinsically valid.  Stewart's response, which, like McLarty's, failed to contend with the bigotry or far-right ideology of McKinney's allies, stated that, if McKinney agrees with them, they're probably right. (See comments here.)

As you read McKinney's praise of Chang, and McLarty's and Stewart's defense of that praise, keep in mind that Chang has written that he was inspired by "the American Free Press, The Barnes Review, The Spotlight, and the truth seekers that I have long admired, Harry Elmer Barnes, Willis Carto, Michael Collins Piper, Christopher Petherick, Eustace Mullins (whose life-long persecution by the Police State is a disgrace to the Constitution), (and) Col. Donn de Grand Pre..."  That's a long list, and some of the names are obscure ones.  Suffice it to say that there is a common thread of bigotry running through that list.

Also keep in mind that McKinney's connection to Chang is more than lip service.  Chang, as chief aide to former PM Mahathir of Malaysia, runs a foundation purportedly devoted to the absolute pacifist position of making all war illegal.   (Read here.)  That foundation, far from actually campaigning to ban all war, focuses exclusively on falsely accusing Israel of crimes such as genocide.  Cynthia McKinney has participated as a keynote speaker, presumably for pay, in at lest three of this foundations' international conferences (two in Kuala Lumpur and one in London) where she participated in this ritualistic hate in the name of peace.  

Compared by her friends to Father Coughlin

While McKinney's supporters defend her by (falsely) claiming that she does not make anti-Semitic statements herself, the same defense cannot conceivably be made for those who interview her.  In one of last year's "Ognir" interviews with McKinney, Ognir/Ryan introduced her with a lengthy discussion of "banking Jewry" having controlled the world for the past four centuries.  In another, Ryan asked McKinney about Rahm Emanuel, saying "(h)e's got Jew nationality and Jew loyalties."  Far from condemning this obviously bigoted remark, McKinney replied by saying "I think that what you're talking about is who controls the U.S. government".  She went on to explain that she left the Democratic Party precisely because she believes it to be controlled by this conspiracy.

In last year's interviews, Ryan's questions to McKinney expounded elaborate, bizarre conspiracy theories concerning Jewish culpability for 9/11, the world financial crisis, capitalism, communism, and, absurdly, medical marijuana and gay marriage.  McKinney failed to disagree with the interviewers' assertions once, sometimes going so far as to say that she knew what the interviewer meant by this drivel, thus giving her tacit support.  On several occasions, she stated her explicit support.  She also showed her own ties to reality to be a bit shaky, comparing herself to civil rights hero Rosa Parks.  (Read my original posts on this for more details including transcripts.)

Since I last wrote about her interviews with Ryan and fellow hate blogger Daryl Bradford Smith, McKinney has returned to give them additional interviews.  In one conducted by Smith and Ryan on January 14, 2010, Smith introduced McKinney as the best thing to happen in U.S. politics since the pro-Nazi, anti-Semitic radio preacher Father Coughlin.  (Listen below at about 6:20.)

This comparison, which most people would consider insulting, is a high complement for Smith, who features portraits of both McKinney and Coughlin and recordings of Coughlin's infamous post-Kristallnacht broadcasts on his website.  (Read here.  Smith also features on his website the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and conspiracy theories about Jews causing the swine flu epidemic.) If one of McKinney's critics were to denounce her by comparing her to Coughlin, that person would be swamped with passionate denials and vicious denunciations impugning the comparison as somehow motivated by a conservative, "Zionist" or even Jewish bias.  When the person actually interviewing McKinney makes that comparison, we hear the sound of silence.

from Daryl Bradford Smith's iamthewitness.com website:

McKinney says she's a fan of anti-Semitic author Michael Collins Piper, he dedicates a book to her
Cynthia McKinney has played the double-game of working with increasing brazenness with racists of the far-right, even as she says through her spokesmen that we shouldn't judge her by her friends.  I wonder how they explain the fact that McKinney has declared herself, via Facebook, to be a fan of the anti-Semitic author Michael Collins Piper.  Piper has worked for decades in the employ of Willis Carto, one of the United States' most infamous far-right racists. 

Author Leonard Zeskind describes Carto as one of the two foremost leaders of the U.S. "white nationalist" movement in the latter half of the 20th Century, and Piper as Carto's "loyal assistant". (Read here and here.  A Piper interview with Carto is available here[Link goes directly to RAM file.])  Carto is the founder of a number of extreme right wing groups such as the Liberty Lobby (which "appealed to both anti-communists and arch-segregationists", read here) and the Holocaust-denial group Institute for Historical Review, among his countless other similarly oriented projects.  Piper has worked for the newspaper founded and published by Carto, American Free Press, since that paper's founding, and has participated in a number of Carto's Holocaust-denial conferences.  (Read here and here.)  Piper has also been described as a "far-right emissary to the Islamic world", attempting to unite Islamists and the U.S. far-right around the common causes of anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism .  (Read here and here.  My earlier article on Piper can be read here.)

Piper, along with David Duke and a rogue's gallery of others, participated in Holocaust denial conferences hosted by far-right Russian Nationalists (read here), and, infamously, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who invited Piper to the Tehran Holocaust denial conference as his personal guest (read here).  It would be fair to say of him that Piper has made the production of books, columns and radio programs fabulizing Jewish conspiracies to control the world his life's work.  He has, among other things, accused Jews of assassinating U.S. presidents, secretly controlling the government, financial system and media, and, literally, practicing human sacrifice and cannibalism.

McKinney supporters might be interested to learn that Piper's employer Willis Carto worked in George Wallace's segregationist presidential campaign as a leader of Youth for Wallace and subsequently set up an organization which morphed into the neo-Nazi National Alliance.  Both Carto and Piper have for many years worked with former-Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke, and continue to do so.  (For a recent example, read here.)  Carto was a key backer both of Duke's 1988 run for U.S. president (read here) and Duke's 2004 "New Orleans Protocol" outlining a political strategy for U.S. "European Nationalists" (i.e. white supremicists).  (Read here.)  The ADL says that Carto is "one of the most influential American anti-Semitic propagandists of the past 50 years... he has been associated with nearly every significant far-right movement in the country, from neo-Nazism to militias, segregationism to Holocaust denial."  (Read here.  For Searchlight Magazine's take on Carto, read here.  Examples of Carto's racist letters to Verne Kaub, a Liberty Lobby board member and author, are available here and here.)

Not only has McKinney now declared her support for Carto's assistant, Michael Collins Piper, Piper  has reportedly declared his support for Cynthia McKinney by dedicating his book The Judas Goats: The Enemy Within to her as follows.  (Read here.)

To the Honorable Cynthia McKinney
Democratic Congresswoman from Georgia
. . .For daring to speak out and raise questions about what really happened on 9-11 and about the dangerous U.S. policy toward Israel and the Arab world — a policy that has made America many enemies around the globe — Cynthia McKinney was driven from the U.S. Congress in 2002.  Judas Goat — a former Republican, no less — was recruited to run against Miss McKinney in the Democratic Party primary.GOP organizers moved into the Democratic Party to assist the Judas Goat. Tons of Zionist money poured into Georgia to help Miss McKinney’s challenger. In the end, Miss McKinney was defeated.  But two years later Cynthia McKinney made a comeback and she sits in the U.S. Congress today — a voice for sane policies and one who still does not hesitate to speak the truth. And as this is written, they are moving against her once again. Her voice is one for all good people. Dear God: Let there be more like Cynthia McKinney!

Piper's Judas Goats book alleges that the Jews control the world via dual Zionist and Trostkyite conspiracies, both under the control of the Rothschild family.   Piper describes it as supplement to a book called Synagogue of Satan by Andrew Carrington Hitchcock, which Piper calls "an overwhelming detailed history of how Jewish power and influence -- particularly through the venue [sic] of the Rothschild banking dynasty -- how that influence came to rule supreme".  (He's nothing if not consistent.)  He talks about the book at length in an interview with far-right radio hate preacher Texe Marrs, audio of which is embedded below.

(Listen here at 6:30.)

Michael Collins Piper also has at least one connection to the previously discussed anti-Semitic blogger Noel "Ognir" Ryan.  The below-embedded video, which I found on Ryan's website TheInformationUnderground.com (here),  features audio from a recent Piper radio program.  In that program, the administrator Ryan's internet forum and radio programs (under the name "LordLindsey" -- he goes by "Lindsey" here), tells Piper how pleased he was with Ognir's McKinney interview.  (At about 3:20 of the video below.)  The reason?  McKinney alleged in that interview (at great length) that (in Lindsey's words) "Zionist Jews control more than 99% of the United States Congress". (You can listen here, at first link, to that McKinney interview.) [NOTE: Among the ever-growing list of incredibly offensive material available on the TheInformationUnderground.com, is a video which attempts to glorify Holocaust Museum murderer Jim von Brunn. View here.]

Considering that Michael Collins Piper does little else but promote the grossest bigotry, I would be very interested to hear from McKinney what it is about him that she supports.  Maybe there's some aspect of his work that's escaped public notice that McKinney would like to draw attention to with her praise of him.  I would also be interested in hearing the reactions of progressives to McKinney's support for this advocate of the racist far-right. 

"I am in Turkey with Israel Shamir!!!"

That's how Cynthia McKinney giddily headlined her article on her meeting with Israel Shamir in Ankara last year (read here).  She writes (here):

I can hardly believe this moment!!  Israel Shamir has written about me and lifted my spirits when I was most down.  Even from faraway Israel, he understood my plight and dared give voice to the truth.  They say that sometimes distance gives clarity--and certainly in Israel's case, in observing my serial targeting, he saw what many inside the United States could not see.  Despite his writings, I never met him until this moment, just a few minutes ago!!  We are speaking together this afternoon in Ankara, Turkey.  He has already sent his message out on his list and so I include it here for you.  I will send my message to you later.  I will bring these contacts from around the world that I have made on behalf of peace, home to the United States so that we can more easily achieve our objectives for justice and peace and dignity in the area of policy where we and the world need it the most.  We are a part of something much bigger than us individually, and our moment is now.

I guess they hit it off.  For those who don't know of Shamir, he's a shady character who got his start working as journalist for a prominent Russian, far-right, ultra-nationalist newspaper under the pen name "Robert David" .  (His legal name has, at various times, been Jöran Jermas or Adam Ermash.)  He spent some time living in Israel under the assumed name "Israel Shamir".  After this, he Portrayed himself in the West as an Israeli and a leftist, and has focused largely on producing anti-Zionist and anti-Semitic propaganda.  He has meanwhile continued to maintain an ideological double identity, publishing in Eastern European languages and Russian from an overtly far-right perspective.    Although he is ethnically Russian and a naturalized citizen of Sweden, he touts the fact that he lived in Israel under his assumed name (read here and here and here and here), and is frequently cited as an "Israeli journalist" when used as source.  This identity is useful to writers who either want to put an acceptable face on what they know to be anti-Israel disinformation, or are credulous enough to believe in the fairy tales he promotes.  I wrote about one such instance, Alison Weir's reliance on Shamir's promotion of literal truth of the blood libel, here and here.  Weir cited him as an "Israeli journalist" working to uncover what she and Shamir describe as Israel's campaign of murdering people to steal their organs.  Both Weir and McKinney still work with Shamir and cite him as an authority in spite of his having been denounced as an anti-Semite by Hussein Ibish and Ali Abunimah (read here), and as an impostor and charlatan by countless others.

To cite one out of countless examples of Israel Shamir's extremism, he counts among his close ideological allies the infamous Horst Mahler, whom Shamir calls "(a) friend of Palestine and anti-zionist, an anti-imperialist freedom fighter".  Read here.  Mahler, formerly a leader of the far left Red Army Fraction, has been for many years a leader Germany's racist far right, largely motivated by extreme anti-Semitism (as evidenced here).  In 2003, Mahler founded a Holocaust denial organization he called Verein zur Rehabilitierung der wegen Bestreitens des Holocaust Verfolgten.  (Read their press release here.  Co-signers of the organization's charter included Ernst Zündel, Robert Faurisson, Germar Rudolf, and Frederick Töben.)  In subsequent years, Mahler has been convicted several times of crimes connected to his activism connected to denial of Nazi war crimes.  In a 2007 interview with the German edition of Vanity Fair, an English translation of which "Shamir" makes available on his website (read here), Mahler said of Jews that they "are the embodiment of a god, who according to our understanding is Satan, and they play a tragic role in the corruption and negation of the life of all the other Peoples".  (In that interview, Mahler greeted his interviewer by saying "Heil Hitler!”, and  went on to praise Hitler, defend his own father's Nazism, and equate it with leftist opposition to "American imperialism".)

Horst  Mahler and "Israel Shamir" in 2008

Mahler (second from left) with sign reading "There was no Holocaust"

"Israel Shamir" has found a very willing  subject for his disinformation in Cynthia McKinney.  With the instincts of a gifted con artist he found the sweet spot where her prejudices intersect with his agenda.  Via McKinney, Shamir promotes the idea that Europe's neo-Nazis and Russia's ultra-nationalists are funded by Jews as part of a global war on Islam, and that this purported covert war is intrinsic to Israel's existence.  This is a bit of misdirection that someone with Shamir's connections to Russian ultra-nationalists -- connections he has been careful to conceal -- might find very useful.

Shamir's writing style can be a bit diffuse, but while following his train of thought might be  tricky, you can be certain as to its destination.  Here's a portion of the text of his Ankara speech as posted by McKinney on her Facebook page:

The problem is the Jewish state. Not only does it besiege Gaza and destroy a football stadium in el Bireh. These are local problems, painful but local. The Jewish state (It is not a Jewish state. It is a Zionist state. S1000+) focuses Jewish power all over the world into action. Without a Jewish state, this power would disperse; it would remain local, it would remain chaotic, probably it would be subdued by the forces of assimilation. Israel focuses these chaotic forces and concentrates them into action.

This action is against Islam. Not only against Islam, but Dar ul Islam (the Islamic world) is a prime target. In the US , the Jewish Neocons led their country into a crusade against Iraq and Afghanistan ; now they are spearheading the push against Iran.

They have formed a powerful front against President Obama and have turned him into a laughing stock after he uttered a few words of wisdom about Palestine .

In Europe , if you inspect the coffers of anti-Muslim neo-Nazi groups, you'll find that they thrive on Jewish support. In Russia , Jewish nationalists and Zionists try to rally the Russians against their Muslim brethren. Sometimes they do it under cover of the Russian Church , or of Russian nationalism. I wrote about this recently, as I had discovered that the most fervently anti-Muslim forces in Russia are organised by crypto-Zionists.

Even if a Palestinian state were to be established and recognised, it wouldn’t stop Israeli attempts to undermine its neighbours, to bomb Iran , to sow the seeds of discord from Russia to France , from Turkey to India . Israel 's too powerful intelligence services would keep meddling. Neither would it neutralise the armed forces of Israel , and you know as well as anybody that the generals do not give up their toys, their privileges or their influence easily. The Israeli military machine is so powerful that it would seek to exercise its might.

Consider that the source for this incoherent conspiracy theory has been associated with precisely the far-right Russian nationalist movement most ardently connected to both anti-Muslim and anti-Semitic violence in Russia.  I tend to believe that McKinney (like the rest of Shamir's audience in Ankara) is oblivious to this fact and is taking him at face value to be an Israeli leftist.  But that sort of gullibility is no excuse for the promotion of this sort of deranged and hateful conspiracy theory.  Regardless of whom McKinney believes Shamir to be, the intent of this string of lies is clearly stated: to drive further wedges between Muslims and Jews, to oppose a Palestinian peace agreement with Israel and to deny Israel's right to exist.  In promoting these views, McKinney, like Shamir, should be regarded as an anti-peace activist.

"Guilt by association": a catch-all defense for supporting the indefensible

Cynthia McKinney and her supporters may call any condemnation of her work with Matthias Chang, Michelle Renouf, David Pidcock, Mahathir Tun, Michael Collins Piper, Jöran "Israel Shamir" Jermas, Daryl Bradford Smith and Noel "Ognir" Ryan guilt by association, but by doing so, they help legitimize racism, anti-Semitism and far-right extremism, as does McKinney herself.  While guilt by association might be a legitimate defense to merely talking with, attending the same meetings as, or even belonging to the same organizations as bigots, it is quite another matter to support them politically, tout their writings, promote their views, or actually work in their employ.  By doing this, and by doing this with increasing frequency, McKinney has made precisely her association with bigotry the centerpiece of her message.

More importantly "guilt by association" refers to a legal standard for criminal acts: people cannot be held legally responsible for the acts of others unless they criminally participate in those acts as well.  The standard by which we judge the character of political figures should be much higher than that.  McKinney's supporters, in defending her work with racists and extremists, say "only hold her to the standard by which we judge criminal acts".  A political figure whose followers hold to such a low standard must be doing something wrong.  Besides, as I have shown above and in my earlier articles, this defense ignores what is now painfully obvious.  McKinney is not just associating with people who do and say bad things, she is actively supporting those malicious acts and participating in them herself.

Other McKinney supporters defend her differently, claiming that she is well-intentioned, but is recklessly making ill-advised alliances.  As the number of these alliances grows, and the connections grow deeper, this defense becomes less and less plausible.  The fact that Cynthia McKinney has made common cause with bigots of the far-right with at least some knowledge of who they are indicates that her actions are based on a malice she shares with them.  Cynthia McKinney has done nothing to distance herself from the overtly bigoted views espoused by so many of those she works with, even when they espouse these views to her in public forums.  On the contrary, she has gone out of her way to agree with many of these views, and even to publish them on websites maintained by her or by the Green Party on her behalf.  While in the past she mostly avoided using the word "Jew" in favor of "Zionist", with her publication of Shamir's speech, even this thin veil of propriety has disappeared.  If McKinney had sincerely wished to distance herself from these views, she would have denounced her friends' bigotry long ago; instead, she has repeatedly gone out of her way to support it.

The idea that her guilt is merely "by association" is laughable.  Her guilt is sometimes that of a silent, grinning supporter of her friends' racist rants, and at other times that of an active promoter of those views herself.  Sometimes she has couched her feelings about Jews in language vague enough to hypocritically disavow ill intent, but no one with any pretense of opposing bigotry should be deceived.  Nor should they tolerate the fact that she claims to support peace for Israel and Palestine while campaigning against a peace settlement.  Those who have supported McKinney or have been drawn to any part of her message owe it to themselves to speak out against this.

Screen shot from Cynthia McKinney's Facebook page.

(NOTE: I've revised this article to include a paragraph about Horst Mahler's connection to "Israel Shamir" and two additional photographs.  Thanks to Karl Pfeifer for much of that information. Pfeifer's 2005 article on "Shamir" and Mahler can be read here. Thanks as well to Gene of Harry's Place for his kind words and his link to this article -- read here.)


Anonymous said...

Everyone in democratic circles in the World knows Mossad and the CIA did 911, yes arabs did it but they were under surveilance and controlled demolitions was used.

And the entire US military knows the truth by now.

Just face it, the sooner you face it the better.

Adam Holland said...

Interesting. Are you a McKinney supporter?

ernie1241 said...

With respect to Carto and Michael Collins Piper:

John Birch Society President, John McManus, observed in a February 2007 email in answer to inquiry about Carto/Piper that:

"You may be unaware that Willis Carto presented himself for employment to Robert Welch during 1959, the very first year of the Society's existence. He actually was employed by the Society for several months until Robert Welch fired him. Mr. Welch told me several years later that Carto 'was the most dishonest man I had ever encountered.' "

"So Carto went elsewhere and started Liberty Lobby and its SPOTLIGHT publication. Its thinly veiled anti-Semitism, even pro-Nazism (ads for Nazi paraphernalia appeared), convinced JBS leaders to urge members to have nothing to do with Carto and the publication. This has long been the JBS attitude. The same goes for Mr. Piper who has a history of close relationship with Carto."

Adam Holland said...

1) CAMERA and MEMRI are not racist groups.

2) I don't work for the Mossad. Your idea that I might be a Mossad agent is based in paranoia.

3) Questions concerning the legality, morality and efficacy of assassinating terrorists are complex. I hope you'll understand why I'll save that for another time. You're just going to have to keep reading here if you want to comment about that.

4) Gaza and the West Bank should be an independent Palestinian state living side-by-side in peace with Israel. I disagree with Cynthia McKinney and her supporters on that question.

5) Arabs are not a race and they're not inferior. Contrary to what you state, they do in fact have the right to vote in Israel. There are specifically Arab political parties as well as Arab participation in other parties. There are Arab members of the Knesset, the Israeli parliament. Moreover, Israel is a multi-racial, multi-ethnic society. It's far more diverse than its neighbors.

Try getting your facts straight before going on the attack.

Anonymous said...

Would you call a Western democracy that didn't allow any immigration from Ethopia "racist"? How about one that forces or coerces its black women citizens to take long-acting birth control or that requires foreign guest workers to sign a contract not to have sexual relationships with natives?

Anonymous said...

To Adam Holland--
This topic is EXTREMELY polarizing; few of my colleagues are able to keep an open mind.
Perhaps you could please help to clear up several questions:
(1) How or where can we view Michael Collin Piper's book dedication to Cynthia McKinney?
(2) The iamthewitness page where Cynthia McKinney's picture is displayed next to Father Coughlin's appears to no longer contain McKinney's photo; how can we confirm that it was once there?
(3) How can we view the Facebook page which shows Cynthia McKinney as a Fan of Michael Collins Piper?
(4) Several persons who have listened to the Jan 14, 2010 McKinney radio interview by Smith and Ognir have reached conflicting interpretations. Could you kindly post a transcript of the relevant passages of the interview at the time markings which you indicated?


Adam Holland said...

1) I gave the link to Piper's book dedication in the post. Here it is again: http://tinyurl.com/3yxcpat

2) To recover earlier versions of the "i am the witness" website, you can try using Internet Archive. You can also do a google image search of the website to verify that images appeared there. Both images I included in this post came from the homepage of that website.

3) I don't know much about recovering material deleted from Facebook. It may be gone forever. Fortunately, I caught the screenshot which showed McKinney having declared herself to be a fan of Michael Collins Piper. It's included in the post.

4) If you're looking for transcripts of portions of the Ognir/Smith interviews, you can find them in the earlier posts I did on this. The links are in this post. What is the nature of the controversy about them?

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Adam, for the info.

(1)Yes, the Piper book dedication to McKinney is indisputable;
(2)The Internet Archive for iamthewitness only goes up to April, 2008, at which time there was no image of either Father Couglin or Cynthia McKinney on the site's home page. See:

(3) So far no luck in recovering the Facebook page where McKinney declares herself a Fan of Michael Collins Piper; still working on it;

(4) I will look at your links to the transcripts of the Ognir interview of January 14, 2010; the controversy concerns the interpretation of McKinney's initial remarks (or evasion): When Smith gives the lengthy intro to McKinney, in which he makes the laudatory comparison to Father Coughlin, and the need for that type of organizing, is it reasonable to suppose that she had even heard Smith's intro and was responding to it, at all?

(5) Some of my interlocutors have also begun raising the $64,000 (actually, it must be rather more, by now) question: Who, or what group, has been funding Cynthia McKinney's seemingly non-stop, round-the-world speaking tours, conference appearances, awards ceremony appearances, Brussels Tribunal participation, etc. etc. since November, 2008? TTBOMK, the money was not raised by the Green Party, and by now it undoubtedly exceeds the money that was raised and spent on her 2008 presidential campaign. Do you have any info that you are at liberty to share on this question, or does it remain shrouded in deep secrecy?


Adam Holland said...

Re #2: The image of McKinney, while no longer available on the homepage of the website, is still available in an archive on the website here: http://iamthewitness.com/img/Cynthia-Mckinney.jpg

Re #5: With respect to potential funding sources:

--She has spoken at a number of conferences sponsored by NGOs associated with former Malaysian PM Mahathir. I presume she was paid for those appearances. While I have no knowledge of her getting grants from those NGOs, it would be a reasonable subject to ask her about.

--She has worked for the the Iranian regime's English language propaganda TV station, Press TV.

--She also worked for George Galloway's Viva Palestina Gaza convoy, and spoke at a conference in Ankara, as this post mentioned.

The question of how she makes a living is a legitimate one for the Green Party to ask her. Why haven't they?

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Adam, for your reply, and for the link to the archived McKinney photo on the iamthewitness site.

As to how McKinney makes a living, and who employs her, my understanding is that some Greens have asked her these, and other inconvenient questions concerning her post-2008 activities without receiving any response.

I am told, moreover, that McKinney
does not answer to the Green Party. Whether the Green Party (national leadership)answers to Cynthia McKinney, I cannot say; some of us at the grassroots certainly do not.

Perhaps, Cynthia (the Reticent) McKinney would be more inclined to answer these questions if a journalist (or the right journalist, perhaps?)posed them.

May I ask if you have attempted to interview McKinney, Piper, and/or Shamir?


Adam Holland said...

Did you even read the article?

mikey said...

It was refreshing voting for an ACTUAL black person...

I'm jewish and CM has my full support. The "Anti-Semite" card is always a pathetic attempt at derailing someone who's actually making a difference.

The Eugenicists are those who we should be worried about... and unfortunately they are riddled throughout Washington.

Adam Holland said...

1) Your racist implication with respect to Barack Obama not being truly black did not go unnoticed.

2) You argue that all anti-Semitism charges are false and are directed at good people.

3) You think that Washington is riddled with Eugenicists.

Making racist, anti-Semitic, conspiracist arguments are not the best way to defend your candidate against these charges.


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