Monday, January 11, 2010

Hutton Gibson: John Paul II was Soviet agent, Vatican and world governments are controlled by the Antichrist

Mel Gibson's father Hutton Gibson has given an interview on the white supremacist radio program "Political Cesspool" in which he accused Pope John Paul II of being a Soviet agent, and charged that the Catholic Church is under the control of a conspiracy led by the Antichrist. He went on to state that the same conspiracy had taken over
"every legitimate government in the world from the top. It's the same plot. Why would they vary the method? It seems to work."

When asked to assess the current pope, Benedict XVI, Gibson said:

The whole bunch at the top, if they're not queer, they're supportive of it.

With respect to the current political situation in the United States, Gibson charged that the Obama administration
"does not have the country's welfare at heart -- or any part of it. They're out to destroy it, the same as the people in Rome are out to destroy the church."
Gibson went on to express support for Ron Paul, saying that he was the "only (candidate) worth voting for" in the 2008 presidential election.

When asked what the average American can do to prevent the Obama administration from destroying the country, Gibson said that there isn't much they can do, stating:

"It gets harder and harder all the time. One thing they shouldn't do is give up their guns."

He went on to advocate that citizens create "alarm systems" to notify the public in the event of a federal government crackdown on gun ownership.

The Political Cesspool program is devoted to racist, anti-Semitic and far right propaganda, and is said to be the most popular white supremacist radio show in the United States. The hourlong interview with Gibson took place on Saturday, January 9 and was broadcast on a network of local stations and via the internet.

An archived version of the interview is available here (click on the 1/9/2010, hour two link): Liberty News Radio - Show Archives; direct link to mp3 here.


Anonymous said...

I like James Edwards. He's got a great blog.

Adam Holland said...

Thanks for sharing.

confed said...

Cool. Sounds like great comments. Thanks for sharing.

Jeronimus said...

I went to listen James Edwards site and looked around and he doesn't say anything about being a white supremacist.

It was so amazing to listen to the father of the great actor and director Mel Gibson! Hutton was absolutely fascinating in discussing how Communists infiltrated the Catholic Church and took it over from within.

Hutton gives an amazing history of the Catholic church in the 20th century.

I don't think Mr. Gibson has any reason to lie. As his son said in Braveheart, Barbarus sum, sed numquam mendagio. I may be a barbarian, but I never lie.

Adam Holland said...


1) If you can't tell that James Edwards is a white supremacist after reading his blog, nothing I say will convince you he is.

2) I get the sense that you were both amazed and fascinated by Hutton Gibson's monotonous droning about crazy conspiracy theories. I had to listen to the interview for my post. It was the audio equivalent of a trip to the dentist.

3) I don't think that Hutton Gibson is lying; he's honestly nuts.

Kristal said...

I hate hate. People would understand that their lives would function and run smoothly if the stop pouring energy into hating on the person next to them. Not sure why people care so much but if I had to guess, it's because they feel uncomfortable in their own skin. I'm an African American, 20 year old young woman in college and if someone feels that I'm a threat to their race and well being, that's hilarious. See you at the top of the Success Ladder! While some of you try hard to start race wars I'll be working harder than you have ever worked in your lives :)

Anonymous said...

I like James Edwards, too. His blog is frank, honest and entertaining. He tells the truth about race and how it's used in the media. He doesn't feel the need to apologize for being white and doesn't fear the phony 'racist' label that people like you want to place on him.

Anonymous said...

I disagree with you that he is expressing "hatred" on his blog towards anyone. He analyzes news events and offers a perspective that doesn't ignore race. Is it hateful and racist to simply point out that virtually all black neighborhoods are crime-infested and unsafe? Why? And why should we ignore this fact?
I believe Mr. Edwards' blog itself serves as a daily example of honest views on race.
Perhaps you could cite an example of the hatred you accuse him of expressing?

Adam Holland said...

I think you've already done that for me.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Holland is quite funny. Yesterday I wrote a comment expressing how does he come to the conclusion that the political cesspool is a racist site spewing racists rhetoric? I gave a brief detail on my background. My mother is a Jewish woman and my father a Black man. I was adopted by a Black family here in NYC. I cannot understand why whites are racists if they fight to perserve the integrity of their race, heritage and culture. American culture is my culture. Yet when the Jews and Blacks do it it's encouraged and not racist. Hypocisy is a trait that I cannot stand especially those from my own racial background. I enjoy reading and listening to the political cesspool. It seems to be the only place telling the truth. Too bad my own people would rather believe lies instead of the truth. They perish for lack of knowledge.

Anonymous said...

Ima Racist,
You are 100% right. Mr. Holland clearly has no interest in debating these ideas on their merit. He is comfortable making statements and ignoring any obligation to defend them. I issue the same challenge: Contact Mr. Edwards, appear on his show and defend the position you've taken. Give it your best shot.

Ima Racist said...

This is Mr. Hollands position, (according to his posts here): White people have no justification for wanting an equal footing in an politically correct society; White people have always been - and always will be - a detriment to a civilized society. Even though EVERY THING civil is based on White Christian laws.

I believe that Mr. Hollands problems are: he marches to the common drum; he has never questioned anything that has been taught him; he is AFRAID to cross bridges that are old and rickety, (even though tried and true).

Mr. Holland will never confront Mr. Edwards, (or even challenge him). EVER. Why? Because - deep in his heart - he knows he is wrong. The White race is as important to informed White people as is any race is to their own. And, I believe, he will quickly realize this once he spends an evening reading Mr. Edwards website and listening to Mr. Edwards radio program.

Regardless what your race is, Adam Holland, I wish you an awakening as to how important people like James Edwards is to all races in the work that he does. This young man demeans only those who deserve it. And, even though you have attempted to denigrate him here, he has not retaliated in kind on his website or his radio program. In return, you OWE this man....

Anonymous said...

Wow, I don't even know where to begin, so let's begin with the definition of racism. You are a racist if you believe that your race is intrinsically superior to another race.
To say that you support the preservation of your race means not mixing with another race. If you are against mixing races, it implies that you do not want something that is "tainted" mixing with your blood, thus believing that your DNA is superior- thus you are a racist.
The difference between the African American community wishing to preserve their history- (not race mind you because there are very few African Americans whose DNA has not been mixed along the way with some Caucasian DNA) because in the not to distant past, it was illegal for them to write.
The White race has had centuries and centuries to get their story out there and preserved, African Americans have not.
This is the equivalent of the kid holding the cookie jar crying because his sibling wants a cookie.

Bruce in Vancouver said...

Anon. You said:

"To say that you support the preservation of your race means not mixing with another race. If you are against mixing races, it implies that you do not want something that is "tainted" mixing with your blood, thus believing that your DNA is superior- thus you are a racist."

Really? What about all those jews that don't want their kids inter-marrying? I guess they're racist too.

I also know an East Indian Hindu that moved here from Calgary. He said his father told him not go marrying some white girl while he was here, because he wanted to keep the family bloodline pure.

Do you think Chinese and Japanese parents want their kids to marry
East Indians or Blacks? I've talked them...they don't either.
Please explain the difference to me.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Gibson was back on Cesspool last night (August 7) and armed with more zingers! Would love to see a follow-up post, Adam.


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