Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Pat Buchanan promotes "9/11 Truth" movement

The so-called Patrick J. Buchanan Official Website has reposted from the racist VDARE blog a column claiming that the World Trade Center's were destroyed not by the planes which were crashed into them, but by controlled demolition.

The column, written by Paul Craig Roberts, who served as Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan administration, states:

"Antiwar sites do not realize that, by accepting the 9/11 explanation, they have undermined their own opposition to the war. Once you accept that Muslim terrorists did it, it is difficult to oppose punishing them for the event. In recent months, important antiwar sites, such as AntiWar.com, have had difficulty with their fundraising, with their fundraising campaigns going on far longer than previously. They do not understand that if you grant the government its premise for war, it is impossible to oppose the war."

At least Roberts is honest. He's more interested in reaching the conclusion that confirms his bias than with an impartial examination of the facts of the case.

You can read the post here: Why Propaganda Trumps Truth.

UPDATE (9/29/2009 9:00 pm): At 7:22 this evening, an administrator of Buchanan.org with an IP address in Cartersville, Georgia read this post and apparently considered commenting, clicking the "comment" button, but failing to post anything. I would love to hear your take on why Pat Buchanan's website is promoting 9/11 conspiracy theories such as those Paul Craig Roberts wrote about in the column you published. Do you think that the fact that the World Trade Center was brought down by planes and not by planted explosives is a debatable point? Please feel free to clarify.

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