Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Pat Buchanan: Hitler Wasn't So Bad

from Little Green Footballs:

"Pat Buchanan says Adolf Hitler was really a misunderstood pacifist: Did Hitler Want War?

"Buchanan’s article is all over the neo-Nazi and Ron Paul websites today — they love it. Townhall.com, HumanEvents.com, cns.com, Stormfront, dailypaul.com — all publishing Pat Buchanan’s revisionist drivel."

UPDATE at 9/1/09 1:21:07 pm:

Real Clear Politics has apparently yanked Buchanan’s disgusting article. If you really want to read it, click the Google search link above. It’s still posted at several other websites.

More from me about this later...


Ivan said...

Read the comments at Townhall to see what readership thinks of Buchanan. You are a true LGF bot. I wish you every success.

Adam Holland said...


Thanks for the tip about the Townhall comments. What are you on about with respect to LGF? If you think I shouldn't quote them, say why or forever hold your peace.


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