Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Cynthia McKinney and the far-right. The red-brown convergence now includes the Greens.

Former U.S. Representative and 2008 Green Party presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney has joined those seeking to take advantage of the world economic crisis to promote anti-Semitism. McKinney has published a column promoting the conspiracy theories of the far-right anti-Semite Matthias Chang.

McKinney's column (read here), which accuses George Soros and Alan Greenspan of participating in a plot to deliberately destabilize the world economy in order to install a "one-world government", uses Chang's term for this purported conspiracy: "the Shadow Money-Lenders" (not coincidentally, the title of Chang's most recent book). Typical of such conspiracy theories, Chang and McKinney connect this to an ancient plot which took shape under the hidden hand of the Rothschilds. McKinney puts a somewhat confused post-colonial third-world spin on this by citing Haiti as an example of what she says is planned for the rest of the world, the apparent link being that she happens to be in Haiti at the moment. Her leftist, "shock doctrine" approach also serves to make the essentially fascist contents of her column more palatable.

"I can only guess what the endgame is", McKinney states, before telling us, in the words of Matthias Chang, that

"(a) policy of 'controlled chaos' will be implemented and we will witness in major cities of the USA, UK and Europe of street battles, orchestrated by the Intelligence Services, between the white folks and the immigrant population. In the USA it will be against the Latinos and then the blacks . . . In the UK and Europe, it will be against mainly immigrants from Turkey, the Northern Mediterranean states and Pakistan and they are essentially Muslims. There is therefore, the added fuel of Islamic radicalism, which in the first place, was the creation of the Western intelligence services."

Matthias Chang is a Malaysian attorney who served as an adviser to former Prime Minister Tun Mahathir Mohamad with whom he is still closely associated. Chang's influence was evident in Prime Minister Mahathir's infamous speech to the 2003 Islamic Summit Conference, in which he accused the Jews of world domination and oppression of the world's Muslims (read here). Chang was also behind a visit of a delegation of Holocaust deniers and "9/11 truth" advocates to Malaysia in 2006 (read here). The delegation was led by Michael Collins Piper, famous for his claim that Israel was behind the JFK assasination. During this tour, this delegation participated in a conference called “Islam, Humanity and World Peace” in which Yvonne Ridley also participated . This delegation was interviewed by the Malaysian media, addressed conferences at the University of Malaya and the International Islamic University, and visited with Prime Minister Mahathir. They also promoted the Malay translations of Pipers books. (Read here.)

Chang has made a post-politics career of writing books which expound at great length his belief in apocalyptic conspiracies involving Jewish bankers. He has also continued to advise Dr. Mahathir, working on the board of his foundation and organizing "anti-Zionist" conferences. Excerpts of "The Shadow Money-Lenders" posted online make the very confused argument that international bankers (read "Jews") have been both controlling and destabilizing the governments of the world's most powerful nations, with the exception of China, which Chang claims has somehow escaped this snare (read here). Chang blames this same international bankers conspiracy for creating both capitalism and socialism, and for the Russian Revolution, Zionism and the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank, citing familiar far-right anti-Semitic propaganda as evidence. The cover of the book warns that "THERE WILL BE BLOOD ON THE STREETS", with the word "blood" written in a blood-red, dripping typeface (read here). (Editorial note: shouldn't that be "blood in the streets"?)

While McKinney has a history of anti-Jewish and conspiracy theory beliefs, this is something new. In the past, she has blamed her political failures on a Jewish conspiracy. She has supported boycotting Israel and cutting off U.S. ties. However, by promoting the neo-fascist books of Matthias Chang, she has taken a leap from the world of the left into the world of the brown-red convergence, where anti-Semites of the extremes of right and left meet.

Cynthia McKinney must know of Matthias Chang's far-right beliefs; he wears them on his sleeve. His books are literally filled with bizarre conspiracy theories. Chang's so-called "Future Fastforward trilogy" of books, which oppose both capitalism and socialism and present a nightmarish vision of a world controlled by an evil Zionist Anglo-American conspiracy, are solidly in the tradition of fascist, anti-Semitic conspircay propaganda. His website extols as his inspiration an amazing list of Holocaust deniers and anti-Semitic crackpots (read here):

the American Free Press, The Barnes Review, The Spotlight, and the truth seekers that I have long admired, Harry Elmer Barnes, Willis Carto, Michael Collins Piper, Christopher Petherick, Eustace Mullins (whose life-long persecution by the Police State is a disgrace to the Constitution), (and) Col. Donn de Grand Pre...

Chang and Mahathir have created what they call the Kuala Lumpur Foundation to Criminalise War -- a foundation whose website is completely devoted to anti-Israel propaganda (read here), and whose blog is similarly "focused" (read here). Here's a quote from a recent post on the foundation's blog (read here):

The Jewish psychic (sic) that they are “the chosen people of God” is the bitter source of the miseries afflicting the entire World ever since the time the Jewish God, Yahweh, chose the Jews to be His chosen people. To the Jews all the non-Jews over the world including Bush, Obama, Gordon Brown and the entire Americans, Europeans and the Asian are “non-human” and “inferior souls” whom they termed as Gentiles. These Gentiles could be cheated, deprived of their property and be killed without pricking the conscience of any Jew. A dangerous physic indeed! Don’t you remember Shylock in the “Merchant of Venice”?.

The Jews had never kept their promises to the Gentiles. Why should they? As any resolution, promise, treaty, contract, mutual agreement with the Gentiles is not binding upon the Jews as the Jews are ordained higher souls than the Gentiles. Indeed, the United Nations kept a high volume of the Jews’ non-compliances and violations of the United Nations’ Resolutions.

At Chang's and Mahathir's invitation, McKinney participated in a conference their foundation sponsored called the "Expose War Crimes - Criminalise War International Conference", which was held in Kuala Lumpur in February 2007. (Read here.) Presumably, she did so at the foundation's expense, perhaps even being paid for her participation. This account of the event in a Malaysian arts website wryly notes the contradiction of the "peace activist" Chang being prominently touted by the racist British People's Party (here, for example, in a piece about his participation in the Iran Holocaust Denial conference of 2006). The description of the proceedings of this conference makes the Durban Conference seem like a meeting of B'nai Brith. At one point, McKinney stood up and declared: “Kuala Lumpur has become the peace capital of the world!” More recently, in February 2009, McKinney attended Chang and Mahathir's "Conference for Palestine" in Kuala Lumpur. (Read here.)

Gene of Harry's Place reports that McKinney participated in an anti-Israel conference sponsored by this foundation in London on March 31, 2009. (Read here.) McKinney's account of the event is online here.

Chang's website prominently features the text of his message of support for the American Free Press and Barnes Review which was delivered to the "AFP-TBR Free Speech" conference in Washington, D.C. in September, 2006. This support is reciprocal. These neo-fascist groups publish and distribute Chang's books in the United States. (Read "Future Fast Forward" here.) The homepage of the Barnes Review website promotes several of Chang's books, even offering one as a subscription promotion alongside works such as The Myth of the Six Million and The Passion Play at Oberamerrgau. (See cached version here or pdf here.) The American Free Press website promotes Chang's Future Fastforward here (in pdf), asking the question:

"Will there be a worldwide "people’s war" against the super-capitalists and their Zionist allies?."

In Future Fastforward, Chang cites anti-Semitic polemicist Eustace Mullins as his primary influence, stating:

I have learned more about international finance and banking from (Mullins on the Federal Reserve) than any textbooks that I have studied as an economics student at the university level and ever since .

[Read more about Eustace Mullins here. Mullins on the Federal Reserve is readable online here. Another book of Mullins' crackpot anti-Semitic theories is posted here. In this book, The Curse of Canaan, A Demonology of History, Mullins argues that Jews (whom he sometimes calls "Canaanites") are literally descended from Satan. It traces Mullins' international bankers conspiracy to ancient Babylon, and claims that it includes both Jews and Freemasons. (Read here.) Mullins is also the author of The Biological Jew, which argues that the Jewish people fit the scientific definition of parasitism. (Read pdf here.) Louis Farrakhan, in the culmination of his farewell speech to the Nation of Islam, cited Eustace Mullins as required reading for his followers. (Read here and here.) Eustace Mullins is also the author of Adolf Hitler: An Appreciation, (read pdf here at p. 27) in which he names the culprits responsible for starting World War II. If you guessed "international Jewish bankers", you're right]

You may be interested to know a bit more about the groups which publish Matthias Chang, and which he in turn praises so highly. A pdf of a flyer for the AFP-TBR 2006 Free Speech conference is available on the American Free Press website here. The "Nordwave" website has a description of the conference here (cached version). Here are some highlights from the first day of the conference, in the words of "Nordwave":
On Friday, September 1, the opening evening of the conference, after welcoming remarks by American Free Press editor Christopher Petherick, attendees were treated to speeches by:

James K. Warner of the Christian Defense League (CDL Report, Sons Of Liberty Books) who spoke on the subject of Proportional Representation.

Mike Bower was the next speaker, his subject being the "third way" between jewish socialism/communism and jewish capitalism ... Social Credit. Mr. Bower has made an in-depth study of C.H. Douglas nationalist no-middleman economic theories.

It was our great pleasure to meet the following speaker, Mr. Alex Hassinger of Nordwave, an up and coming leader in the Nationalist movement who spoke on the future of our European culture.

Dr. Harrell Rhome of The Eagle Newsletter, Corpus Christi, TX was the next to speak on the survival of the West. Dr. Rhome puts out an excellent newsletter every month with an eclectic mix of revisionist history, suppressed news and articles on white survival.

Master of Ceremonies Dave Von Kleist introduced Margaret Huffstickler, a contributing author to The Barnes Review who also happens to have a beautiful operatic voice. Miss Huffstickler treated the crowd to a short recital.

John Stadtmiller of the Republic Broadcasting Network ( hosted his nightly radio show in a separate room of the hotel, as did Michael Collins Piper. Attendees were able to sit in and listen if they chose to.

A wine and cheese social followed, where we were able to see old friends and made some new ones. Veteran patriots and nationalists Ralph Forbes, Dr. Ed Fields and his wife Jane, Jim Warner of CDL Report, Chicago activist Art Jones and his wife, Eustace Mullins, Ted Gunderson and Fred Toben were just a few in attendance.

John Nugent, Nationalist activist and former congressional candidate who is now writing for the Barnes Review was in attendance. My wife and I hadn't seen John since before the birth of our first child....16 years ago. We were very happy to see him again, and he introduced us to Mr. Theo Junker, the former member of the Wiking division of the S.S. who courageously opened a Museum in Wisconsin dedicated to the memory of Adolf Hitler. It was indeed one of the highlights of the conference meeting this courageous patriot who continues to fight the good fight well into his 80's. God bless you, Herr Junker!

Here are some highlights from day two:

The 911 Panel followed. It was my pleasure meeting Mrs. Ellen Mariani, widow of a 911 victim and a gutsy lady who has a lawsuit going against the government and Bush for their complicity and cover-up of this false-flag operation. She was joined on the panel by WTC survivor William Rodriguez and Lisa Gulliani and Victor Thorn of WING TV (

Professor Ray Goodwin spoke next on corruption and Political correctness in academia, followed by USS Liberty investigator and film producer Tito Howard on new findings on Israel's treacherous attack on the U.S. vessel in 1967.

Afternoon session:Dr. Virginia Abernathy spoke on the illegal alien invasion, followed by AFP correspondent and author Michael Collins Piper, who read aloud Malaysian Nationalist author Mathias Chang's message to attendees.

RBN Radio's John Stadtmiller then gave a short talk on reaching out to the patriot community.

Eustace Mullins, veteran nationalist author and protege of the legendary poet and nationalist thinker Ezra Pound was the next to speak on the subject of The Federal Reserve and the world-wide spiderweb of the Rothschild banking dynasty. Mr. Mullins is a legend, and has gone through a lifetime of hell at the hands of the "usual suspects" and deserves our utmost respect and thanks.

Peymon Mottahedeh of Freedom Lawschool spoke next on the Constitution, the IRS and citizen's rights.

Steve Lynch gave a talk on government mind control.

Former FBI Los Angeles bureau chief Ted Gunderson spoke next on "Why the FBI can't find missing kids" and went into detail on children being exploited by high level politicians and bureaucrats.

Michael Collins Piper spoke next about his investigative work putting together his latest book, "The Judas Goats." Subtitled "The enemy within," this book is a history of infiltration and subversion of the American nationalist movement by the ADL and other agents of jewry from before the second world war to the present day. This book names names and exposes the traitors and infiltrators in our midst.

Saturday evening was banquet night. Author Joe Sobran was the featured speaker. I have always admired Joe Sobran's articles that have never pulled punches when it came to the jewish question, and looked forward to his talk. Unfortunately, it turned into the only real disappointment of the weekend. Mr. Sobran spent most of his talk pointing out the differences between muslims and Christians....this in the presence of Muslim allies in the struggle against Zion...including Dr. Hesham Tillawi of

Now, being a fellow Catholic I understand where Sobran was coming from... but as I've stated many times, these are no longer "The Crusades" this is the era of the "Jewsades" where Christian Janissary's are off fighting Muslims so that they can be made utter vassals of Israel. The Muslims are NOT the aggressors today... the US and its alien Anti-Christ controllers ARE. Mr. Sobran would have done well to concentrate on public enemy # 1... that same race that screamed "Crucify Him" 2000 years ago.

Here's day 3:

Father Nicholas Gruner of the "Fatima Crusader" was in attendance and was kind enough to offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass at 7:00 a.m. in the main ballroom for those Catholics in attendance.

Dale Crowly spoke on The Bible and the first Amendment at 8:00a.m.

Willis Carto, founder and publisher Of American Free Press and The Barnes Review then introduced keynote speaker Dr. Ingrid Zundel, wife of imprisoned "holocaust denier" Ernst Zundel, who spoke at length of Ernst's ordeal, as well as others who refuse to accept the holocaust lie and are being imprisoned and tortured as a result by "democratic" governments.

Dr. Fred Toben of Australia's Adelaide Institute spoke next on "International attitudes toward the holocaust" Dr. Toben's own thoughts as well as pictures from the conference can be viewed by visiting his website.

Harry Cooper of "Sharkhunters" spoke next on the intriguing subject " Did Hitler and Bormann escape the Fuehrerbunker?" Perhaps we'll never know for sure...

After a delicious brunch about noon, Mike Piper handed out awards to some of the worlds most daring historical researchers, including:
  • Dr. Fred Toben
  • Canada's white rights advocate Paul Fromm
  • Dr. Ingrid Zundel
  • Lady Michele Renouf
  • Peymon of Freedom Lawschool
  • Eustace Mullins
  • Victor Thorn of WING TV
  • William Rodriguez
  • AFP's and Barnes Review's John Tiffany
  • Alex Hassinger of Nordwave
    Long time veteran nationalist and activist Paul Christian Wolff received an award for his efforts to expose the REAL holocaust of Dresden.

    Yours truly was surprised and got a big kick out of being given the "Saddam Hussein Award" I consider it an honor!.. Thanks Mike!

    Dr. Udo Walendy then spoke on World War I history from a revisionist perspective.

    The "Holocaust" panel was up next with Dr. Fred Toben serving as moderator, with panel members Willis Carto, Paul Fromm, Dr. Richard Krege, and Lady Michelle Renouf.

    Following the panel discussion, Lady Michelle Renouf gave a talk on the immoral jailing of David Irving, Germar Rudolf and others.

    My wife Deirdre Fields then gave a short talk on the Jewish hand in the genocide and disenfranchisement of whites in her native South Africa. Of course I'm not being prejudiced when I say it was one of the best speeches of the conference.

    The fireworks were reserved for the grand finale... the Middle East Panel. Attorney and JFK assassination investigator Mark Lane (Rush To Judgment) was moderator of the panel, which consisted of two "anti-zionist" orthodox rabbis of the "Naturei Karta" organization, Lebanese Catholic Mark Glenn, Hesham Tillawi and Iranian Journalist Nader Talebzadeh. One of the more memorable statements came fron Hesham Tillawi, a native of Palestine who said, " I came to America to escape the zionist occupation of Palestine, only to find that America is also occupied by the zionists." Truer words are seldom spoken.
    While the rabbis were anti-zionist for religious reasons of their own, Mark Glenn took the microphone and courageously told the rabbis to their faces that the problem was their Anti-Christ religion and the hatred in their Talmud. Mark just about got a standing ovation, and it was all down-hill from there for the rabbis....who sputtered and stammered and tried to pass the Talmud off as a book of "love." They obviously didn't know what audience they were trying to "pilpul." RIGHT ON MARK...
    God bless you for telling the WHOLE truth.

    Best to let these bigots speak for themselves. Cynthia McKinney: any comment on your poor choice of friends?

    [*NOTE: A previous version of this post stated that McKinney has gone on the record to blame Israel for 9/11 and that the U.S. Green Party platform in 2008 made the same charge. While Cynthia McKinney has endorsed the 9/11 conspiracy theories of others who have blamed Israel, "Zionists" or "neo-cons" for the attacks (read here), she does not seem to have gone on the record about her views of an Israeli connection to 9/11. She is more than welcome to clarify her views on this subject in this space. McKinney has, notoriously, claimed that President Bush had foreknowledge of the attacks and deliberately allowed them to occur to let his friends profit from the U.S. military response (read here). This charge, which she has repeated, has made her both a hero and embarasment to the "9/11 truth" movement. She has also repeatedly taken part in interviews where her questioners blamed Jews for 9/11. In each instance where this has happened, McKinney has not only failed to disagree, she has replied in ways designed to support such views.

    With respect to the U.S. Green Party platform, an earlier version of this post mistook the position paper on 9/11 issued by the Washington State Green Party with the national platform. The Washington State Greens issued on their official campaign website a lengthy article outlining supposed evidence of a 9/11 conspiracy. This position paper, which was prepared by the party's 9/11 working group, cited as its only source the conspiracy theory website While the Washington State Green Party's website has disappered (much as the party itself has) the source for this material is still online and can be reviewed by those curious about the theories the Washington Greens endorsed. Anyone who still has the material published by the 9/11 Working Group of the Washington State Green Party during the 2008 campaign can send them to me at ]


    ernie1241 said...

    For more information on the background of Eustace Mullins, see:

    Anita Stewart said...

    Cynthia McKinney is not an anti-Semite. She is anti-Zionist and does not agree with our government's support of the conflicts perpetuated by the Zionist government arm of Israel. Not a conspiracy theory, her stuff is backed up by history. She is far from being on the "right" side...but as far as being a patriot...if that puts her on the left, then I agree with her.

    Adam Holland said...

    Anita Stewart:

    "Her stuff is backed up by history"? If McKinney's belief that the conspiracy theories of Eustace Mullins are accurate history doesn't qualify her in your eyes as an anti-Semite, then nothing will.

    Would you care to address her association with Matthias Chang?

    polizeros said...

    Just before the 2008 US election Cynthia McKinney made the bizarre claim with no proof that 5,000 prisoners were executed by the US in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and dumped in swamps.

    From my blog (with video)

    As one with considerable past experience in the US GP, I can safely say they are so riven by internal quarreling and paralysis that their national leadership couldn't decide jointly on what toppings to order on a pizza, much less deciding to yank an article off the national site.

    Unknown said...

    "While McKinney has a history of anti-Jewish and conspiracy theory beliefs, this is something new. In the past, she has blamed her political failures on a Jewish conspiracy. She has endorsed "9/11 Truth" theories blaming Israel for the 9/11 attacks and even ran for president on a Green Party platform which included these assertions."

    Please cite your evidence that:
    1. Cynthia McKinney blamed Israel for the 9/11 attacks;
    2. The Green Party platform in 2008 asserted that Israel caused 9/11.

    My first thought was that you're spreading false information in an attempt to slander a public figure, but you write so confidently that you must be able to cite credible sources to back it up.

    Adam Holland said...


    Far from wanting to "slander a public figure" as you imply, I appreciate it when readers point out possible factual errors so they can be corrected. I intend to add a correction to the piece reflecting that I do not know whether McKinney believes that Israel is responsible for 9/11. Cynthia McKinney does have a history of demonizing Israel and of endorsing 9/11 conspiracy theories. If my memory conflated these two elements of her resume, than I apologize.

    Ms. McKinney should feel free to speak for herself and correct the record with respect to her view of Israel's role in 9/11. Does she believe that Israel had prior knowledge of or a role in the attacks? Does her current organization "Political Leaders for 9/11 Truth" endorse or otherwise sanciton such conspiracy theories? Most relevent to this post concerning McKinney's connection to Matthias Chang, why does she so strongly endorse books which are devoted to anti-Semtitic conspiracy theories if she does not share these beliefs? Why does she participate in so many of his conferences?

    With respect to the Green Party's endorsement of "9/11 truth"
    conspiracy theories involving Israel, I believe that this has been documented and will try to get something online about this as time permits.

    Feel free to comment whenever you find factual errors. I make a good faith effort to publish factually sound stories and to provide a forum for opposing viewpoints. This blog is not about slander.

    Unknown said...

    If you are "unable to document" Cynthia McKinney's views regarding 9/11 and Israel, then making a "good faith effort to publish factually sound stories" would require not speculating about her views. Making slanderous accusations about a public figure and a political party, then adding a footnote saying "I don't have anything to back this up, but Cynthia McKinney can come on here and refute me" is not responsible journalism.

    I've gone ahead and done some more fact-checking for you. The Green Party platform in 2008 (you can find it online at does not mention 9/11, despite your claim that the Green Party platform included assertions of "9/11 Truth theories" "blaming Israel for the 9/11 attacks". Many Greens, including McKinney, support criminal investigations of the events of 9/11 to clear up unanswered questions from that day.

    The Green platform also mentions Israel. Here's a sample of the section "A Real road to peace in the Middle East": a. We reaffirm the right of self-determination for both Palestinians and Israelis, which precludes the self-determination of one at the expense of the other. We recognize the historical and contemporary cultural diversity of Israeli-Palestinian society, including the religious heritage of Jews, Christians, Muslims and others. This is a significant part of the rich cultural legacy of all these peoples and it must be respected. To ensure this, we support equality before international law rather than appeals to religious faith as the fair basis on which claims to the land of Palestine-Israel are resolved....

    Vic said...

    Yes, as a Green Party elected official I can say that there is no official Green Party document alleging Israel did 9/11 or was behind it. I've never seen any such claim coming from the party. The GP has primarily been interested a call for a new investigation, supports the families, and generally supports the ongoing research efforts into the events of that day.

    There is now a scientific paper which describes unignited nanothermite found in the dust of the towers, a study with 7 authors led by Niels Harrit, a 30 yr + professor of Chemistry at U of Copenhagen, with a focus on nanotechnology. Some of the analysis was conducted in the US at BYU. You should take a look:

    Nothing about Israel . . .

    Adam Holland said...

    Thanks, Vic. I'm glad to hear that and I'm more than happy to post your correction. That's the national Green Party we're talking about, yes?

    One thing did puzzle me about your comment: exactly what's the Green Party position on the connection between "unignited nanothermite" and 9/11? That it indicates that someone blew up the World Trade Center with explosives? Do you have any idea how massive a job that would be, and likely to be found out? Who on earth would take that kind of risk? What an absurd avenue of inquiry to waste your time with. Wouldn't the Green Party be better off investigating how to improve the environment or improve the lives of working people? All you people are doing is making the left look like kooks.

    Sabrina Levine said...

    So Dave basically exposed all of Adam Holland's crucial assertions as being false, and Adam had no reply to him.

    Dave's "journalism" is akin to what Rush Limbaugh and Bill O'Reilly do: wholly fabricate stories about the Left whilst their right-wing nutjob listeners swallow them. No fact-checking, no basis in reality.

    Mr. Holland, I can't believe how full of crap you are. Neither McKinney nor the Green Party have ever blamed Israel for 9/11, nor have they been anything but supportive of Israel's existence, asking only, as international law and multiple UN resolutions demand, that a viable Palestinian state be created next to it.

    Is that so radical? Is that so fascist? As you've already proved, you have no answer.

    Adam Holland said...

    Sandra Levine:

    Let's start with your conclusion: I have always supported a two-state solution for Israel and Palestine. Unlike McKinney, I support the diplomatic efforts of the Obama administration and I hope they succeed. The qualitative difference between those diplomatic efforts and the reckless, belligerent polemics of McKinney is very apparent. That's why so many of us on the left support Obama and so few support McKinney or the Greens. (You also ask the rhetorical question concerning support for a two-state solution "is that fascist?" Of course not, but appearing repeatedly on fascist radio shows... that's another story. Why do you think McKinney suddenly has all these friends on the far-right?)

    With respect to your attack on me -- there was only one factual error in the piece that Dave exposed: the national Green Party did not endorse in its 2008 platform a conspiracy theory involving Israel in 9/11. I was pleased to hear it and corrected the error. I had remembered reading such material in the Washington State Green Party statement on 9/11, one which cited over 150 "facts" indicating various purported conspiracies, and confused this with the national Greens position. That error was hardly the stuff of the professional smear merchants you compared me to. I am more than happy to correct the record and admit the error. How often do Limbaugh or O'Reilly do that?

    Cynthia McKinney, while not uttering the words herself, allows those her interview her to promote at great length Israel/9/11 conspiracy theories and does not disagree. On the contrary, one host recently named numerous such theories in rapid-fire sequence, then asked how these "Zionist" crimes against the U.S. could be stopped. McKinney replied by saying only "the people must stand up!" Similarly, she let an interviewer allege in the grossest, most bigoted terms, that the President is under the control of various "Zionist" conspiracies, and she replies by saying that Congress is also under such control.

    You and any other reader interested in this subject should read my recent piece on McKinney's June interviews with a neo-fascist internet radio host called Daryl Bradford Smith. That is available here.

    McKinney has also endorsed in her column on the Green Party website books by Matthias Chang which endorse anti-Semitic conspiracy theories concerning "international bankers", "money lenders" and "Zionist oligarchs". While very few Green Party members are likely to know the contents of those books, McKinney does and should be ashamed of herself both for promoting those views and for associating her innocent fellow Greens with that stuff.

    McKinney herself has stated that "every Israeli leader has been a war criminal", that Israel deliberately tried to sink a U.S. ship to conceal war crimes, that a former Jewish staff member was a spy, and on and on. I don't know of any objective observer who would agree with your assessment of her as a reliable supporter of a two-state solution.

    Rather than make the kind of distorted generalizations you've made about what I've found about McKinney, why don't you actually read what I've written, find something you consider inaccurate and correct the record? Merely to smear me as an opponent to peace is a gross distortion and oversimplification worthy of a Limbaugh or O'Reilly.

    Sabrina, it can be painful to discover that someone you support with the best of intentions is deeply flawed. The natural reaction may be to attack the messenger who brings bad news. In the long run, wouldn't you rather know about McKinney's troubling ties to the bigoted far-right, rather than risk supporting an agenda contrary to your progressive, democratic values?

    Anonymous said...

    Folks, being a long-time Malaysian resident, let's ask Matthias Chang some questions:

    1) Did the Malaysian government deliberately withhold information leading to the 9/11 attacks? The Al Qaeda summit was held in Kuala Lumpur. Our US intelligence services had tipped off their Malaysian counterparts to record everything at that event. The room was supposedly photographed but no video or audio recording exists.

    Did Mahathir, the rabid anti-Semite, secretly gloat at the imminent prospect of Americans being murdered?

    Remember this is a country where there is extensive net and human surveillance and the police frequently keep a watch on politically inconvenient residents.

    2) A.Q. Khan network. Did the Malaysian government actively abet the transfer of Malaysian-made centrifuges and Pakistani centrifuge designs to the Iranian regime?

    Was this a Jewish conspiracy?

    3) Is it true that Cynthia McKinney clapped during a Mahathir speech about American soldiers being shipped back home in body bags?

    Is this a zionist conspiracy?

    Cynthia McKinney and Matthias Chang are sick frauds


    adamhollandblog [AT] gmail [DOT] com