Wednesday, January 28, 2009

South African Politician: "Jews Run America"

from Ben Cohen at Z-Word blog: South African Deputy Foreign Minister: “Jewish Money Controls America”

“The control of America, just like the control of most Western countries, is in the hands of Jewish money and if Jewish money controls their country then you cannot expect anything else.” These words were spoken by South Africa’s Deputy Foreign Minister, Fatima Hajaig, at a Palestinian solidarity rally organized by the Cosatu trade union federation in the town of Lenasia on January 14th.

Jewish leaders in South Africa have now lodged a complaint of hate speech against her. Wendy Kahn of the South African Jewish Board of Deputiescorrectly declared: “Deputy Minister Fatima Hajaig had crossed all limits.”

Observes David Saks:

Comrade Fatima’s brazen invocation of the spectre of Jewish money exercising its malign behind-the-scenes influence in shaping world events was greeted with a particularly enthusiastic roar of appreciation by the audience. She even used the words “Jew” and “Jewish” rather than the code-word “Zionist”.

In addition to such revolting conspiracy theorising, various other speakers at the Lenasia rally made threatening statements against the local Jewish community.This included calls that anyone with Zionist sympathies be expelled from the country, that “Israeli” businesses be boycotted (a list of Jewish-owned businesses is in fact now doing the rounds within the Muslim community and further afield) and that action be taken against South African Jews who served in the Israeli military.

As the consistently excellent It’s Almost Supernatural blog points out, it was a shameful day in South Africa.

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