Thursday, May 8, 2008

Ron Paul website promotes anti-Semitic conspiracy theory

What is it about the Ron Paul campaign that attracts people with bigoted, paranoid ideas? For some reason, they feel right at home in the Ron Paul campaign. The Ron Paul campaign, in turn, reciprocates and provides them with internet forums to express their hate-filled madness.

For your consideration, from the "Ron Paul War Room" website, a dire warning concerning the "Jewish Supremacist" "shadow government" controlling Washington. For those of you fortunate enough not to be aware of it, the "Jewish Supremacist" trope is an Orwellian idea which allows white supremacist groups to blame the object of their hatred. David Duke has worked to popularize this idea. (Read here.)

Read the following and expect a deafening silence in response by the Paul campaign.

from the Ron Paul War Room: Urgent Need * Radio Ads warning of Chertoff 2nd Terrorist Attack

There is a crying need right now for radio ads over WLW and other major midwest stations warning that is there is a 2nd terrorist attack against the USA, either here or against our soldiers in the Middle East, it will be perpetrated by Michael Chertoff and his Jewish Supremist buddies who now run not alonly most of the US Government, and who also, of course, run the terrorist state using the name “Israel.”

If a major blast does not happen soon, in at least one major area of the country over PUBLIC radio, then I fear we are all going to wake up one day in the months ahead to hear that a major nuclear blast has killed ten thousand people in a major metropolitan area in the USA, or that there has been a massive attack on our soldier in the Mideast by “Iran.”

False Flag operations are how the worldwide organized Jewish Shadow Government and their junior partners in the Anglo-Secret Societies push mankind into needless wars in order to reach the evil goals of this Shadow government (Again, — I always mention this for those trying to break out of Big TV brainwashing - there are many individuals Jewish persons here in the USA and in Israel that oppose the destructive plans of this organized Jewish Shadow government.)


Anonymous said...

Hi Adam

I saw your post over at Israel Forum. To be fair, (and you pointed this out) the blog site ronpaulwarroom is not an "official" ron paul site. It IS however listed at ronpaulforpresident2008 under "supportive sites". I suppose we heard enough during the early part of the campaign to expect this sort of thing.

Adam Holland said...


I didn't point out that the War Room site isn't an official Ron Paul campaign website, but you have. Thanks.

The Ron Paul campaign has maintained a layer of plausible deniability by endorsing these unofficial sites while denying responsibility for the content posted there.

Anonymous said...

Plausible deniability? Yes, that's it.

Ron Paul needs to hire someone to monitor every post on the net to make absolutely sure that no one posts anything that does not meet with your approval.

Of course, there is nothing at all misleading about your headline,"Ron Paul website promotes anti-Semitic conspiracy theory."

I would accuse you of it, but I'm sure you would plausibly deny it.

Adam Holland said...

"Gunner Sykes" (if that is your real name):

Obviously, the issue isn't whether the post "met my approval", as you put it. It's why it did meet the Ron Paul War Room's approval.

Feel free to let us know when the Ron Paul campaign either removes the lunatic anti-Semitic screed from the War Room website, stops linking to it from their "official" websites, or at least denounces it. We'll be waiting with baited breath.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Holland (if that is your name)

Free speech, unfortunately, can be ugly. I am in no way connected to the Ron Paul War Room, so it certainly isn't my job to censor it.

If wackos, conspiracy theorists, and other sundry net trash want to post, let 'em.

There was a time when people had the critical faculties to discern what is of value.

Apparently, you want to do that for them.

Worse yet, you want to make Dr. Paul responsible for comments on a site he neither owns or edits.

I do not agree with that post, but I certainly believe that censoring it is wrong.

Why not address the post, instead of smearing Dr. Paul?

I have watched these guilt by association smears all through this campaign, first on Ron Paul, then on Barack Obama.

Ron Paul is no more responsible for that post than Barack Obama is responsible for the sermons of Jeremiah Wright.

You, sir, ARE responsible for the misleading headline, "Ron Paul website promotes anti-Semitic conspiracy theory."

It just isn't true, is it?

Adam Holland said...


OK, let me get this straight: you're saying that the "Ron Paul War Room", a website devoted to Ron Paul campaign material -- a website endorsed by and linked to by the Ron Paul campaign -- isn't a Ron Paul website? And that to claim that it is misleads the reader? I'll let the reader be the judge of that.

You also state that to reject anything, including hate-filled paranoid lies, from the Ron Paul War Room website would be censorship, and that you oppose all censorship on principle. By that same logic, that website would have to publish anything submitted to it for publication, whether true or untrue, sane or insane, etc. It would even have to publish anti-Ron Paul material. Is that how you define free speech -- forcing everyone to publish everything? I, on the other hand, believe that each website should be free to publish or not publish what they will, but should take responsibility for what they publish. Let the reader judge whose view of censorship actually promotes free speech.

Now I'm going to exercise my free speech and tell you that your arguments in support of the indefensible are just silly and really don't do your candidate any good. The Ron Paul campaign should renounce the wacko views published on the Ron Paul War Room website and either see to it that they stop promoting bigotry or disassociate themselves from the website entirely. To do any less would be irresponsible.

Anonymous said...

Well Adam,

an interesting conversation erupted. I would think, if I were a supporter of Dr. Paul for President I would want to distance my candidate as far away as possible from antiJew smears. If I, as the theoretical supporter of the campaign found out that wackos were publishing wacko antiJew screed in my name and as justification for my presidential ambitions, I would not only rip the link to that site off the "official" site but I would publish an apology. what do you think?

Adam Holland said...

This post, as my others concerning Ron Paul, has elicited a few obscene, pointless comments which I will not post. Most recently, a Ron Paul / Lyndon Larouche acolyte has attempted to post two obscenity-laden messages endorsing the ravings of Webster Tarpley and accusing me of being an "paid agent of corrupt moneylenders /banksters" (is that bankers + gangsters or just a typo?).

As anyone who knows me will tell you, I'm left liberal on domestic issues, pro-regulation, environmentalist, pro-labor, etc. The idea that I am pro-banker, let alone in their paid employ as an "agent", is as laughable as it is demonstrable of the fundamental paranoia of the world view of the Larouche crowd.

If not for the obscenities, I would publish this comment to let you see just how foolish these people are. But a 5 sentence post with 4 dirty words all directed at yours truly is over the line. Maybe I should post an expurgated version under the headline "Your Ron Paul / Lyndon Larouche Donations At Work".

Adam Holland said...


In the previous comment, I inadvertently wrote "demonstrable" instead of "demonstrative".


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