Monday, May 12, 2008

Time Magazine's McGirk Invents False Balance in Palestinian-Israeli Conflict

from CAMERA:


In his latest comment on Israel, "Israel at 60: The Long View", Time Magazine's Tim McGirk tries very hard to impose a moral equivalence on the Arab-Israeli conflict. Too hard...

Trying to show that both Israelis and Palestinians are equally to blame for the situation, McGirk is forced to invent the facts:

Palestinians speak of pushing the Israelis into the sea. Israelis speak of driving the Arabs into the desert sands.

For decades, Arab leaders have vowed to destroy Israel and "push the Jews into the sea." There is, however, no record of Israeli leaders promising to "drive the Arabs into the desert sands."

Whether this is a figment of McGirk's overactive imagination or whether he deliberately decided to invent a metaphorical equivalent to the famous Arab pledge of driving the Jews into the sea, McGirk and Time Magazine have shown a disturbing lack of journalistic ethics in their desperate attempt to impose a false moral equivalence on the Arab-Israeli conflict.

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