Thursday, December 28, 2006

Refutation of Human Rights Watch Report on the Lebanon Ambulance Incident

UPDATE to The Red Cross Ambulance Incident:
The Human Rights Watch Report
A Point-by-Point Examination of the Document Titled "The 'Hoax' That Wasn't"On December 19, 2006, the international advocacy organization Human Rights Watch issued a detailed, intensively researched report affirming the reality of the intentional Israeli attack on the ambulances at Qana on July 23. The report (titled "The 'Hoax' That Wasn't") by Human Rights Watch (hereafter HRW) was created specifically to counter the claims made in my original essay titled "The Red Cross Ambulance Incident." This commentary is a response to Human Rights Watch's new allegations.

More from another source: HRW’s Report on the Ambulances – More of the Same
G. Tikotzinsky, 2006-12-22 - א' טבת תשס"ז

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