Saturday, December 30, 2006

In Search of “Righteous Arabs” -- Robert Satloff

In this very interesting piece, the author explores the little know story of Arabs (mainly North African) who helped Jews escaping the Holocaust. The background story of the anti-Semitic actions of the Nazis and their Vichy collaborators in North Africa is itself little known.


...and Deborah Lipstadt's take:

Author's 'Lost Stories' relates Arabs' noble, neutral and ignoble roles in the Holocaust.

She finds Satloff's book interesting, but thinks his motivation naive. Satloff believes that, if more Arabs knew of this heroic story of Arabs bravely defying Nazis to assist Jews, then the Arab hostility to Jews would be diminished. Sadly, Satloff himself acknowledges a great resistance to accepting this history among the Arabs he's discussed it with. Even the descendants of those who's heroism he writes about have been angered by the project, proclaiming it part of a Zionist propaganda conspiracy. Lipstadt's view would appear to be valid, but I'm still glad to learn about this hidden side of the Holocaust.


Satloff interviewed by PBS Newshour.

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