Tuesday, July 10, 2012

BBC report on Sarsak fails to report that Islamic Jihad has confirmed that he is a member

The BBC has reported on Israel's release of Mahmoud al-Sarsak and his return to Gaza, portraying him as a hunger-striking soccer player who was never formally charged with a crime. (Read here.) All that is true, of course, but only a partial recounting of the facts. The AP reports (read here):

Israel accused Sarsak of being active in the violent Islamic Jihad group, a charge he denied while in custody. 
However, senior Islamic Jihad officials were present during a welcoming ceremony for him in Gaza City on Tuesday, and one of the group's leaders, Nafez Azzam, praised the soccer player as "one of our noble members." 
Later Tuesday, as Sarsak approached his family home in the Rafah refugee camp, dozens of Islamic Jihad gunmen fired in the air from SUVs and motorcycles. Women waved black Islamic Jihad banners from nearby homes and streets were decorated with huge photos of the player.
It seems that BBC had a predetermined idea of the story they wanted to report and didn't let the facts interfere with it.

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