Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Iranian regime reportedly angry at Hamas for supporting Syrian opposition

Hamas political bureau deputy chief Moussa Abu Marzook sought to draw a line under the speculation regarding Hamas’s position in Syria, confirming that the Palestinian movement has left Syria because it respects “the will of the people” and rejects the “security solution” being enacted by the al-Assad regime.

Abu Marzook, in an interview with the Associated Press, revealed that Hamas political bureau chief Khalid Mishal and his closest aides have moved to Doha. He said “the Iranians are not happy with our position on Syria, and when they are not happy they don’t deal with you in the same old way”, in a reference to a decline of Iranian financial aid to Hamas.

The Hamas political bureau chief stressed that the Palestinian movement has left Syria in protest against the “bloody” campaign being carried out by the al-Assad regime. Abu Marzook clarified “our position on Syria is that we are not with the regime in its security solution, and we respect the will of the people.”

Abu Marzook noted that Hamas still has offices in Syria, but asserted that “practically, we are no longer in Syria, because we couldn’t practice our duties there.”

(Source: Iran angry at Hamas abandoning Al-Assad Asharq Alawsat Newspaper) (h/t: Hussein Ibish)

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SoleHealer said...

fascinating how Leftist bloggers in general and humanitarian uber-leftists like the anti-semite Gilad Atzmon,and rabidly anti-Israel Noam Chomsky are somehow very silent about Iranian support for the murderous Assad regime. In addition, the Hamas angle where Mashaal & his ilk - only in the last couple weeks found out about the true nature of the Assad regime. and where are our righteous brothers on the left pointing this out. Oh for G-d's sake


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