Wednesday, January 18, 2012

TSA follies

The TSA has acknowledged that, in separate incidents, their agents strip-searched two elderly women without cause, and let a carry-on bag with a gun inside get on board a plane.

In the former incident, the traumatized women (both of whom are in their late 80s) complained to TSA authorities who initially defended the searches of the elderly women as appropriate, in spite of the fact that TSA agents had no reason to suspect the women of being a threat. One of the women fell and suffered physically injuries when she was deprived of her wheelchair in the process of the search.

In the latter incident, a passenger inadvertently left a handgun in her bag. TSA agents scanned it, then let the passenger board the plane, which was allowed to taxi away from the gate. A TSA agent happened to notice the gun when he looked at a scanner screen which was still displaying the image of the bag. Airport authorities then had the plane return to the gate where the gun was secured. The TSA refused to state (for purported security reasons) whether the gun was loaded.

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