Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Enemy of the state

Dorli Rainey stopped by the site of the Occupy Seattle protest last night to see what her neighbors were doing to express support for New York protesters. Those New Yorker were summarily expelled from New York's Zuccotti Park in the wee hours of Tuesday morning. Dorli, who was watching the protests, not participating, found herself pinned against a wall by Seattle police. With her were a small crowd, reportedly including a priest and a pregnant woman, all there to observe and support the protests. The Seattle police saw fit, after penning this group behind barricades, to spray them with pepper spray. Seattle thus achieves a distinction that they would rather not have. They are the city which has maced the oldest innocent person of the many to have been similarly attacked by U.S. police within the past two months. Here's her photo:


There are no similar photos of innocent New Yorkers being maced, beaten or arrested during the NYPDs raid on the Zuccotti encampment. The Bloomberg administration, which has justified their attack on the protesters as being designed to protect the protesters from fictitious threats to their health and safety, similarly kept the police raid out of the view of the media in order to protect reporters from the same illusory threats. That the only threat to anyone's health and safety was posed by hundreds of heavily armed riot police attacking innocent protesters is made clear by the fact that, among those detained for rioting on Tuesday morning were several reporters, whose health and safety were protected by being handcuffed and carted away in vans. That there are no photos of New Yorkers to compare to the photo above indicates that, while Mayor Bloomberg didn't protect anyone's health and safety, he was successful in protecting the privacy of those his police unjustly tear-gassed, beat and arrested.

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