Thursday, April 7, 2011

Nation magazine still touting Helen Thomas

I received the following email solicitation from The Nation.  Do they really think that their top selling point is that they published a column by Helen Thomas criticizing other White House reporters?  (See highlighted section below.)  Is she what they see as a good example of what makes them a preferable alternative to the "mainstream media"?

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Based on past experience, there could be reasons you may NOT wish to accept.

For example, if you think that America's mainstream media are doing a good job of giving you all you need to know, you'd want to avoid a magazine that published an article by Helen Thomas titled "Lap Dogs of the Press," her assessment of reporters as White House cheerleaders.

Or if you're looking for a right-wing magazine, it's better to try Bill Buckley'sNational Review or Bill Kristol's Weekly Standard. If you want something trendy, try Vanity Fair.

But if you want a magazine that cuts through political fog, pulls no punches, curries no favors and isn't shy about naming the names of powerful miscreants, click here to try 4 issue of The Nation, free.

You don't have to take our word for it. We're willing to risk a few free issues to prove it. Try The Nation today. It's fast, easy and completely secure.


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Anonymous said...

Considering they still carry Cockburn, who runs the ever-odious Counterpunch, I'm not surprised.


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