Sunday, March 27, 2011

Nir Rosen hired by LSE, still wishes harm on Anderson Cooper

Nir Rosen, the free-lance journalist who gained infamy and lost an NYU fellowship after celebrating via Twitter the sexual assault on Lara Logan and wishing the same on Anderson Cooper, is back on Twitter. He's recently used it to announce that he's been hired by the London School of Economics. (Read here.)

He's also used it to imply that he still wishes harm on Anderson Cooper. (Read here: Twitter / @nir rosen: its hard to bite my tongue ...)

Rosen, who, in addition to posting hateful tweets wishing harm on Anderson Cooper and Lara Logan, has posted on Facebook photos of himself shooting an assault rifle and his toddler son dressed as a Hezbollah terrorist (read here), seems to love to court controversy by publicizing his violent fantasies.

Image from Nir Rosen's Facebook page

UPDATE (3/28/11): According to the Jewish Chronicle (read here), only two days after announcing his fellowship at LSE, Rosen has resigned from it.  The announcement came from a spokesman for the university.  Although it did not explain either his appointment or resignation, the announcement stated cryptically that, prior to his appointment, "LSE had already made clear it condemned the offensive comments he made about Lara Logan and others."  

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