Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Truther Conference Backs John Birch Society Anti-U.N. Conspiracy Theories

I wrote recently about a conference of 9/11 truthers scheduled to take place in New York over the next several days. (Read here.) This conference will feature several days of rallies, meetings, speeches and TV broadcasts timed to coincide with the ninth anniversary of the attacks.  It will also feature a demonstration at the World Trade Center site which, according to the conference webpage, may be planned to disrupt the reading of names of the victims by reading additional names they claim should, but are not, being honored.  Conspiracy fabulists such as Wayne Madsen, Cynthia McKinney, Paul Craig Roberts and Jason Bermas are scheduled to speak at conference events, as are former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman, George Galloway, Mark Crispin Miller, Cindy Sheehan and Ray McGovern.

I've looked at the webpage set up by the conference sponsors, a group called "We Are Change", and was shocked to see the degree to which they promote anti-U.N. conspiracy theories which originated with the John Birch Society and other far-right groups of the cold war era.  The birchers and others on the far-right promoted a belief that the Rockefeller family, in concert with a global communist conspiracy, pushed the creation of the U.N. as part of a plan to create a "one world government" which they would lead.  Based on the list of participants in the conference, I assumed that "We Are Change" is essentially of the left, but I guess that I was wrong.   Here's an example of what can be found on the conference webpage, from a video promoting the group's 2009 9/11 conference in New York:

The speaker in that video, standing in front of the U.N., starts oddly by saying "as you see behind me, that building is sitting on land donated by the international globalist David Rockefeller."  I'm not sure how I'm supposed to see that, but, moving on, he gets into the really bad craziness.  The video claims that, after the failure of the League of Nations, "the elite" deliberately started World War II as part of a conspiracy to create an organization which, he says, was intended "to centralize power into a few hands".  Pointing ominously at the U.N. building, he goes on to claim that the United Nations is a sort of den of Satanists:

"They are highly into the New Age Movement.  There's a room in the back called the Meditation Room which has a black stone altar in it.  Very occultish (sic).  The people in here highly revere people such as Benjamin Creme, Helena Blavatsky and Alice Bailey, who formerly founded (the) Lucifer Trust, which is now known as the Lucis Trust. We are here today to let the world know that we are not down with the New World Order.  We are not happy with One World Government, and we are here to say we don't want that at all." 

This strange speech is followed on the video by scenes of a crowd of angry demonstrators chanting outside the office of Larry Silverstein, the developer of the World Trade Center site, whom they implicate in the conspiracy.  There are shots of angry faces chanting "pull it, Larry, pull it," a reference to a truther belief that Silverstein not only ordered the destruction of his building via controlled demolition, but that he also revealed this inadvertently in a contemporaneous television interview.  This is followed by the chant "we are change, we are change..."

These demonstrators, whether they know it or not, are very much the children of the birchers, as are the tea partiers and Glenn Beck supporters.  These are all divergent streams of the paranoid style of American politics.

Looking down the conference webpage we have the following addition to the truther group's mission statement:

This event will also focus on many issues including corporate-controlled Media, the private banking cartel, the military industrial complex, Climate Change/Gate, Big Pharma and the unwelcomed (sic) influx of GMO foods.

Which of these things is not like the other?  Am I wrong to read in that otherwise standard-issue conspiracy theory litany that We Are Change are climate change deniers?  (They may be change, but they are apparently not climate change.)

There's a lot more at the webpage.  Check it out here: 2010 - Our Lives After 9/11.  I wonder whether all the participants in this conference understand what it is and who their associates in this movement really are.


Rob in Austin said...

Nigel Jones repeated in his history of the Freikorps a story about a German writer during the Weimar era, who after staying out too late one night at the bars, found lodging with a local SA man.

The man rented a nearby attic, and when entering, the writer remarked on the extent to which the man had turned it into a hobby shrine for the Nazi Party. Nazi flags on the wall, portraits of Hitler, propaganda posters, newspaper clippings, etc. The man also took a great deal of pleasure in showing the writer his Luger, and would twirl it around his finger like an American cowboy while shooting at imaginary enemies -- point, ka-plow!

The writer asked him whether it felt claustrophobic being up here in this attic all the time like this, when the man laughed and responded: well, you should've seen it last year! It was all red flags of socialism, communist stuff. But I learned that that was wrong and this here is the real deal, the new thing.

It's an interesting story because I also used to be shocked at "left-right" convergence, the linking up of far leftists and far rightists, or when someone would switch sides so radically. I also used to be attracted to radical socialism, so it was quite an unbelievable shock to me! But the history of political extremism tends to show that this behavior is more the norm than not, and that those who are attracted to radical leftism (i.e. World Can't Wait) often share personality traits with those who join fascist groupings, neo-Nazi fronts and the like. Once so far out there, they bounce around a lot, and tend to be reckless and careless anyways, so don't mind borrowing or linking up with those from all over. Thankfully I got the hell away from it.

At the risk of going on much longer, there's a local anarchist I see around and am friendly with. I suppose what I'm about to say reveals me as a bad anti-fascist, like I'm supposed to hit him with a brick or something instead of talking to him, but getting to know him has been very revealing. He believes in the radical left, attends International Socialist Organization meetings, has linked up with Iraq Veterans Against the War (the habit of these groups to promote scatter-brained corporals with nationalist leanings like Adam Kokesh is always worth pointing out), but also votes for Ron Paul, believes in the inside job quack-a-doodle, has told me hundreds of Jewish workers inside the World Trade Center were given orders by their Mossad co-conspirators to flee the buildings in advance of the attacks and so on. Recently he argued that working with far right nationalist groups to stop war and imperialism was acceptable, because both the far left and far right are working toward the same goals.

Oh my Lord! What else can be said?

OhCrapIHaveACrushOnSarahPalin said...

We Are Deranged is kind of like the youth arm of Infowars, inc. They did make a lot of inroads with duped lefties during the last gasp of the Bush admin, the stragglers of that old anybody-but-bush crowed that got caught up in trootherism.

Skinheads with hair isn't quite a fair description, but...

Anonymous said...

Yes, both Hitler and Adam Kokesh were/are corporals. Coincidence?


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