Saturday, August 21, 2010

Max Blumenthal's Facebook minstrel show

Max Blumenthal has posted the following as his profile photo on Facebook. It shows him with kipah and siddur pretending to pray to a portrait of Benjamin Netanyahu. Who exactly is Blumenthal targeting with this Jew-face minstrel show? The image would be right at home on Stormfront, wouldn't it?

This isn't Blumenthal's first flirtation with hate-speech. As I wrote here, Blumenthal gave several interviews earlier this year in which he called U.S. politicians who support Israel "quislings", thus equating them with the puppet leaders installed by the Nazis in the countries they occupied.

Blumenthal may imagine himself to be making trenchant, deliberate provocations. I suppose Ann Coulter imagines the same thing.

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Frank Partisan said...

Interesting and troubling post.

The Israel/Palestine issue brings out irrational behaviors, on both sides. Anti-Zionists believe Zionism is a particularly insidious form of nationalism. In reality it is no different than any other. A Palestinian state can only be a ruthless dictatorship led by Fatah or Hamas.

This question comes to my mind. Do you believe Blumenthal is a danger to Jews? That he'll go on a rampage and murder?

The whole discussion doesn't bring out the best in people.


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